Why I’m Happy I Don’t Have Daughters

I’m glad I have sons … and only sons. My friends who are mothers of daughters say that if I had given birth to two daughters instead, I’d be just as glad. I’m not so sure. When I was pregnant with each of my sons, I was convinced from the start that I was carrying boys. And even before that, when I was still just musing about being a mother, it was never a little girl that I pictured. Good thing, right? Keep reading »

How To Improve Your Love Life Through Feng Shui

Feng shui practitioners believe that the best way to attract love is to adjust your environment accordingly. Dingy surroundings, piles of clutter, and self-absorbed artwork can actually drive Cupid from your door. Here, then, are 10 simple feng shui lovetips for finding your perfect mate … or for increasing the passion in your long-term relationship or marriage. Read more Keep reading »

The World’s Largest Undies

Classified as size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL (or size 74), these are the world’s largest undies on the market. If you are considering buying a pair of these (to wear, not to clean your house with), it may be time to consider a weight-loss program. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Perfect Red Dresses For Under $100

redholidaydresses01 110110 m jpg
As the holidays are nearing, parties and festive get-togethers are becoming regular events — which means we’re often searching for something party-rific to wear. And what’s more festive than a beautiful red dress?

Take a look after the jump at a few pretty red party frocks we’ve found as well as some styling tips to take these dresses from holiday party to real life. And guess what? They’re all under $100! Tell us — what are your holiday party plans?

Robyn Mouths Off On How Women Are Treated In The Music Industry

“I had an idea of trying to make pop music in a way that wasn’t restricted by the structure of how the industry had shaped pop music, but it was hard to do. Now the industry is shrinking back and has regulated itself. It’s good the record companies are having to think about what they are supposed to be doing. … The problem is the narrow-minded and stupid way older generations and structures look at what the differences between men and women are. It’s not politically correct any more to not be a feminist which is good, but for me, feminism is still necessary and that sucks.”

— Swedish pop star Robyn speaks the truth. Maybe she could tutor wayward little Miley Cyrus in a Big Brother/Big Sister program? [AFP] Keep reading »

Robert Verdi Solves Your Gift-Giving Dilemmas

robert verdi 120310 g1 jpg
Ever wanted to pick a celebrity style guru’s brain for gift ideas that are so hot your friends wouldn’t dare re-gift them? Well, fortunately for you, I attended tastemaker Robert Verdi‘s Holiday Gift Guide Twitter party, where he revealed his gift ideas for the fashionable people on your list. But many of these items you might want for yourself, so follow @RobertVerdi on Twitter and check out the #RVTips feed for a chance to win some of these items yourself. Keep clicking for details on items you might want to give and receive.
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