Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Pin On A Pig

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / March 15, 2011
My friend Molly has recently become obsessed with miniature pigs. She dreams of having a miniature pet pig named Penelope and walking it around town on a little pig leash. And can you blame her, really? I mean, look at this. Speaking of miniature pigs, check out this adorable vintage brooch. Pin it on a… More »

Style Stealer: Chloe Sevigny’s Leopard Look

By: Julie Gerstein / March 15, 2011
I know what you're thinking: Why would I ever want to steal this outfit? But! All of the elements of the outfit are great, even if you'd never be caught dead pairing a bowtie with a leopard print dress. And hey, we like a challenge. We think, for instance, that the bowtie would work better… More »

Benji And Joel Madden Do “Family Double Dare”

  I am not the world's biggest Good Charlotte fan. But, man, am I loving this video for their song "Last Night" because "Double Dare" was so awesome! I especially appreciate that Marc Summers pushed past his extreme OCD to once again gaze upon the giant nose with all the boogers you have to rummage… More »

Pete Wentz Is Grateful For The Charlie Sheen Kerfuffle

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 15, 2011
"It’s like Ashlee’s been my best friend for five years ... She’s the mother of my child. I have nothing but love and respect for her. Going through something like this isn’t easy, but we’re friends, and the most important thing is to put our son first … It’s hard to … maintain your private… More »

10 Celebs Who Had Babies With Their Exes

Do Not Want: Hoofin’ It Edition

By: Julie Gerstein / March 15, 2011
Most little girls go through a pony phase at some point. They're majestic and enchanting creatures, and blah blah blah childhood princess fantasies. But there is a very wide berth between loving horses and wanting to be one. These hoof heels are made of carbon fiber and feature around 5,000 individual horse hairs, for the… More »