What Makes A Great First Date?

By: Jessica Wakeman / March 21, 2011
Awful first dates (and second dates ... and third dates ...) are The Frisky's bread and butter. But every so often the goddesses smile upon us and we're blessed with a first date to call your mom about instead of your therapist. Not to brag or anything, but I had a kickass first date thi… More »

Nicki Minaj To Be An “X Factor” Judge? The Show’s Rumored Panelists.

Back in the fall, rumors circulated that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were being tapped as the new judges for "American Idol." The choices seemed random and people denied, denied, denied the reports. And then it turned out that the two new judges were … Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. So we're paying a little… More »

The Terrible Beauty Habit I Share With Lady Gaga

By: Julie Gerstein / March 21, 2011
Ladies, I'm about to tell you something really gross -- something really disgusting that it seems both Lady Gaga and I have a habit of doing. I know that from a very young age, little girls have it drilled into them that we're not supposed to do this, but I can't help myself... More »

Girl Talk: Intimacy Is Gross — Embrace It

By: Desiree Browne / March 21, 2011
I recently spent the weekend in bed with a terrible stomach bug. At the stroke of midnight on Friday, I began puking my brains out, and what didn’t come up as vomit came out the other end. The next day, I thought the worst of it -- the diarrhea -- was over, but I wa… More »

Do Not Want: Free People’s Grocery Bag Shoes

By: Julie Gerstein / March 21, 2011
I love wedges. Love them! They slim legs and add length to the body, which is great for the height-challenged among us (i.e. me). But for the love of Susan Powter, let's stop the insanity! These Levon Wedges from Free People look like someone stuck a pair of extremo wedges in a bag and called… More »

And They Say Ladies Can’t Dunk

March Madness is in full swing (Go Duke!), and I hope you've been watching both the men and women play. To get you in the spirit, here is an amazing team photo of a women's basketball team from the year 1902. Kind of makes you glad the WNBA opted for shorts, doesn't it? [Buzzfeed]… More »