Love Vandal: Language Lesson

[Photo: Valentina da Roma]

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Style Buzz: Michelle Obama’s New Yorker Cover, PETA Effs Up

  • Michelle Obama graces another cover — this time, The New Yorker‘s style issue. The mag pokes fun at the kerfluffle surrounding Michelle’s bare arms with three doodles of Michelle strutting down a runway, arms covered up! [Mrs. O]
  • PETA strikes again! The animal rights group ripped a sleeve on the Balenciaga gown worn by French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld, while aiming for her goat fur coat. I don’t condone assaulting people in public, but if you are going to go after someone, ruin the correct couture, at least. []
  • Eighties-inspired two tone lipstick, yay or nay? [Refinery29]
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Jimmy Kimmel Dumped On “The View”

“The only thing better than breaking up is going on ‘The View’ right after you break up,” Jimmy Kimmel joked. Yet that’s exactly what the poor schmuck did after his split with on-again, off-again girlfriend Sarah Silverman. The tough love ladies goaded Jimmy since he canceled his last appearance on the show because he had just broken up with Silverman and yet, here he was again, in the same tough spot. Although he was willing to brave their views on live television this time, perhaps it’s just because he feels totally defeated by women — even while dressed as one (see above clip). Doesn’t Jimmy Kimmel in drag look like he could be Rosie O’Donnell’s sister? [Huffington Post]

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Poll: What Aspect Of Yourself Are You Most Confident In?

Personally, I feel pretty damn good about my talent for cooking marinara sauce, my thick hair, my work ethic, and my dog mothering abilities. And you? Keep reading »

National Women And Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today, March 10, is National Women And Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day — a day to raise awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. In 1990, women only made up 11 percent of new AIDS cases, but by 2005, that number had more than doubled to 26 percent. AIDS is now the leading cause of death for black women ages 25-to-34. Most women are infected with HIV through heterosexual contact, so it’s imperative that women and adolescent girls learn the HIV status of their male partners and get tested regularly. When a woman knows her HIV status, she can make informed decisions regarding childbearing and can take steps to prevent spreading the infection. Women who aren’t directly affected by HIV/AIDS tend to forget that there’s an epidemic, but this disease can affect anyone. Instead of turning a blind eye, take action by getting tested, practicing safe sex all the time, not engaging in risky behavior, discussing HIV prevention with others (especially grandparents), and supporting those living with HIV/AIDS. [HIV/AIDS Awareness Days] Keep reading »

Amber Rose’s Kooky Style — For Cheap!

amber rose 031009 c jpg
Depending on who you ask, Kanye West’s new girlfriend, model Amber Rose, either has completely fierce, edgy, awesome style, or is a walking fashion disaster. What we do know is that the looks she’s been sporting out and about as Kanye’s new arm candy cost a pretty penny — but they don’t have to! Keep clicking to find out how to get Amber’s bright, daring, questionable style on the (mostly) cheap…

Women Who Rock: Laura Ingalls Wilder


Laura Ingalls Wilder lived a simple life on the prairie, which she captured for millions in her writing (which were our favorite books when we were younger!), telling stories about growing up on the American frontier. She did much of her writing after her only daughter, Rose, had grown and left home, but getting a later start hasn’t had an effect on her books’ reach. “Little House on the Prairie” and her other 10 other books have been translated into more than 40 languages. “I had no idea I was writing history,” she had said, but she was. [She taught me that you should put maple syrup on snow -- yum. -- Catherine]

Further reading:

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life by Pamela Smith Hill
  • The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set
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    Crave: Navy Patent Pumps

    We are suckers for patent round toe pumps. They go with everything and are perfect for work and play. Black, on the other hand, does not always go with everything and can get rather boring anyway. That’s why these navy patent pumps are perfect for those days when you need an alternative neutral to compliment some fabulous outfit for which black simply will not do. Best of all, they are from Target, are almost embarrassingly affordable, and are (fairly) comfortable. Can we get a “Woohoo!?” [$29.99, Mossimo Valonia Pump] Keep reading »

    Would Your Man Wear Meggings?

    While Steven Tyler has been rocking the man legging since he made love in an elevator, now his spandex groin gauntlet has been picked up by couture designers and tastemakers in Europe. Tights aren’t just for super heroes and glam rockers anymore! Over the past few years, influential designers like Calvin Klein, Marni, Givency, John Galliano, Bernhard Willhelm, and Alexander McQueen have all sent male models down the runway in meggings, aka man leggings. Fashionistas are already calling it a full-on trend as comedian Russell Brand, Marc Jacobs, and British GQ senior editor Jonathan Heath have been spotted in the skinniest of pants. Heck, Russell can’t stop wearing his Sass & Bide ruched leggings made for ladies! Keep reading »

    A Strained Marriage Is Bad For A Woman’s Health

    We’ve all seen the commercial that asks, “Where does depression hurt?” And anyone who’s been depressed knows that it hurts everywhere. But did you know that depression can damage the physical health of a woman more than a man? Keep reading »

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