18 Members Of The Celebrity DUI Club

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You’d think that if you were a famous actor or actress, you could afford to get a driver for a wild night out or, gasp, just call a cab. But it seems like celebrities are constantly getting DUIs. Jaime Pressly of “My Name Is Earl” is the latest to be arrested for the offense. Officers supposedly pulled her over in Santa Monica last night and gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed. She was arrested for suspected intoxication and her bail was set at $15,000, which TMZ notes is considerably higher than usual and could signal that her blood alcohol content was off the charts. But there’s no word from her camp on the incident so far. [TMZ]

Please, people—don’t you remember the videos from driver’s ed class? Drinking and driving is really not something to take lightly. After the jump, the celebrity DUI hall of shame.

Watch The “Black Swan” Makeup Tutorial That’s Actually Biting Social Commentary

Maybe you haven’t seen “Black Swan” yet, but everyone by now knows that movie is CRAZY. True story: yesterday I saw “Black Swan” and as the credits were rolling, my mom goes, “Which one was Winona Ryder?” And I said, “The crazy one.” And then some random woman who overheard us added, “They were all crazy.” You know what else is crazy in that movie? The makeup. That’s why YouTube star GlowPinkStah has filmed herself doing a wacky-ass “Black Swan” makeup tutorial for Natalie Portman‘s signature look. But seriously, no one watches her videos to see her do makeup. Her ridiculously dry sense of humor and biting social commentary is worth the spoilers. If you’ve seen “Black Swan,” it will make more sense. But either way, go get yourself a diaper because you’re gonna pee yourself laughing. It’s … dare I say … perfect. [YouTube] Keep reading »

The Celebrity Rebound Hall Of Fame

aguilera rutler m jpg
Christina Aguilera is committing rebound sins left and right. TMZ reports that X-tina, Jordan Bratman, and Matthew Rutler have all been living as one big, awkward “Three’s Company” episode gone terribly wrong. Christina moved Matt into her pad a few weeks ago but Jordan did not more out. She was so graciously letting her soon-to-be ex husband stay in the house for the sake of their son, Max. But his meal ticket is up. Yesterday, a moving truck showed up to fetch Jordan’s things and get him out for good. Shameful. [TMZ]

Click through to see some of the most ill-advised rebound couples of all time.

Johnny Weir Is Gay, But Isn’t Opposed To Marrying A Woman

“In a sexual way, I’m gay. But I would marry a woman tomorrow if it struck me. I don’t think sex and relationships necessarily have to go together.”

– Johnny Weir talks about his sexuality in his new memoir on what appears to be “Celebrities Talking About Maybe Being Gay Day.” The flamboyant ice skater decided to basically confirm what the universe already knew because “with people killing themselves and being scared into the closet, I hope that even just one person can gain strength from my story.” [People via Queerty] Keep reading »

Let’s All Enjoy Oliver Cheshire’s Six-Pack

Helloooo, Oliver Cheshire! He came into our office today and was, like, “Can I help?” And Amelia and I took one look at each other, and we were like, “Sure!” So, we told him that one work requirement was that all boys have to work shirtless, and then we pointed at some boxes, and we were like, “Move those.” And he did. Shirtless. And it was a wondrous sight to behold. Now he’s under Amelia’s desk and massaging her feet. With his tongue. I would have gone for him, but he’s only 5’9″, and that’s four inches shorter than me, so she can have him. Apparently, our new boy toy is British and around 20 or 21. We asked him how old he was, and he was like, “I don’t know,” and we were like, “Fine.” Because, who cares, right? No, you can’t borrow him. He’s our pet. [The Fashinisto] Keep reading »

Maroon 5 Singer Has Got Balls

Adam Levine, frontman for the band you are most likely to hear at the drugstore, is baring it all in the upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan. But unlike most celebs, he’s doing it for a good cause — to raise awareness about testicular cancer. Wait, a man sack cancer PSA in lady mag Cosmo? Well, whatever it takes to get this dude naked is fine by us! Who knew a dude that sings like a cherub could be ripped like a Ninja Turtle? Check out one more H-O-T (and NSFWish) pic after the jump! [via Dlisted] Keep reading »

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