Quick Pic: Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld might be so batty that he wants his glass refreshed every 30 minutes, but at least he’s got a sense of humor. [Nice Airport, Nice, France, 5/26/09] Keep reading »

Gallery: Early Bird Celebrities Who Lost Their V-Card Young

joliev 052609 g1 jpg
Earlier today, we shared a choice quote from the ever-controversial Brooke Shields, who says that if she had it to do over again, she would have gotten down and dirty with a dude long before the ripe, old age of 22. But Brooke—how do you think peeps who lost it really young feel? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Angelina Jolie says that she has been a horn dog for a long time, and even recalls making out with boys in nursery school. She lost her virginity at 14 to her first BF, but her lover must not have been very satisfying because after the deed, she began cutting him with a knife. We hope Brad is good in the sack cuz we kinda like having him around. [FlyLip.com]

Mohawk Weave: Rad Or Ridiculous?

As we watched this video for the fifth time in a row, we tried to get a handle on weather this girl is laughing out of joy or pure embarrassment at the ‘hawk on her head. This neon-rainbow brilliance is the latest gem from Celebrityseaborn, the YouTube Channel that churns out a steady rotation of awesomely weird hair styles.

We’ve been longing to interview the hairstylist and owner of Celebrity Status Salon, where this video and our other favorite-The Eyebrow Weave-were taped, but we haven’t been able to track them down…yet. Our investigative hats are still on as we make several phone calls and scour the web, but in the meantime, enjoy this precious new gem of a video. And remember not to try this at home…. Keep reading »

Crave: Marc By Marc Jacobs Swimwear

Marc by Marc Jacobs, or Little Marc, is usually a bit too hipster chic for us, but his new swimsuits are too smartly-retro and cute to resist. This sweet one-piece is our favorite, probably due to residual nun-ly tendencies from Catholic school. [$164, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus] Keep reading »

Three Words We Don’t Want To Hear After Sex

One of the current trends on Twitter has users tweeting the three words they wouldn’t like to hear after sex. Personally, any of the following would give me a panic attack: “that was it,” “nice try sucker,” or “that tasted bad.” After the jump, 10 of our faves from Twitter — and add yours in the comments! Keep reading »

Shoot-Out Bachelorette Parties For Shotgun Brides?

What’s the worst thing about being a pregnant bride? Duh—you can’t drink at your own bachelorette party. Not to worry. Gun-play mecca Open Range has your back. “Are you running out of time to plan your bachelorette party?” asks a new ad. “Your bachelorette party is sure to go off with a bang at Kentucky’s coolest indoor gun range & paint ball arena.” Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Guy Ritchie Has A Blonde Moment

Madonna might have finally found Jesus, but over the weekend, Guy Ritchie dropped a blonde bombshell! The freshly divorced director was spotted locking lips with this mystery lady at a Memorial Day picnic in Malibu. [5/25/09] Keep reading »

Tweet From The Grave!

A new service set to launch soon will make it possible to continue tweeting after your death. Created by a Swedish design student, “WebWill” allows users of Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to appoint a contact who will alert the networking sites of your untimely demise so that they can then update your services. Those services can include “a blog post or spooky email to a list of friends.” WebWill also allows profiles to be handed over to a friend or family member who can do with them whatever you would have wished. Personally, I’d like for all my web profiles to haunt the profiles and sites of anyone who has ever left an inflammatory comment on any of my blog posts, as well as play John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” every time someone clicks on them. What would you like for your lasting web message from the dead to be? [via Newslite] Keep reading »

American Girl To Introduce Jewish Doll

We were sad when American Girl discontinued Samantha Parkington, our favorite doll, but it seems the company was making way for a new girl: Rebecca Rubin. Keep reading »

Itty Bitty Titties Get Their Own Small Boob Support Group

Drinking. Depression. Widowhood. Small boobs. Yes, there are support groups for all kinds of things…

Usually when you talks about supporting your AAs, you mean the feats of architectural wonder accomplished by the Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra. But on the message boards for Bust magazine, there is actually a Small Breast Support Group. Keep reading »

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