Vinny Swears “Jersey Shore” Isn’t Sexist

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 17, 2011
"We have our catchphrases about girls ['grenade,' etc.] but the four girls on the show are as wild as the guys. It’s not just one way. It’s not biased or sexist." — Oh, Vinny Guadagnino. You might be the smartest (and most emotionally mature!) cast member on "Jersey Shore," but you're… More »

Katy Perry And Kanye West Have Alien Sex

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / February 17, 2011
Looks like Katy Perry and Kanye West have made up after beefing over the whole "Imma Let You Finish" debacle. Kanye has added some verses to her new single, "E.T.," and yesterday Katy posted a photo of the two of them on the set of the new video. So what does Kanye ra… More »

Decorate Your Home In Celebrity-Designed Products

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / February 17, 2011

If Foursquare Was For Sex

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 17, 2011
Last summer, when I was just starting to dabble with Foursquare, the social networking app that let's you "check in" to various locations, achieving badges and Mayorships and other ridiculous intangible rewards, I came up with a genius idea. (Or I thought it was anyway.) I added a new location, knowing it didn't already exist… More »

Sen. Scott Brown Reveals That He Was Sexually Abused By A Camp Counselor

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 17, 2011
I am not always the biggest fan of Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts here at The Frisky. But I would like to give the senator my sincere respect for opening up to "60 Minutes" about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child from a camp counselor. More »

15 Celebrity Soft Drink Ads

By: Ami Angelowicz / February 17, 2011