Well, That’s Adorable: Pug In Pug Slippers

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 22, 2011
There's an excessive amount of construction happening outside my apartment today (workin' from home right now) and the jackhammering has gotten to the point where I was literally about to go outside and offer a blow job in exchange for some peace and quiet. But then I saw this photo and I was suddenly calm. More »

What’s A “Stay-At-Home Girlfriend”?

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 22, 2011
Linkbait — (noun), an article written online for the sole purpose of trying to draw traffic. You've heard of stay-at-home-moms — now it's time to meet a "stay-at-home-girlfriend." Writing on the Brooklyn-based blog Brokelyn, blogger Quiana Stokes described how she recently lost her job and is now a "stay-at-home-girlfriend" in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,… More »

Everyone In Hollywood Is Obsessed With Robert Pattinson

By: Kate Torgovnick/Kate-Book.com / February 22, 2011

Alleged Details On Lara Logan’s Assault In Egypt Emerge

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 22, 2011
"60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan has still not spoken publicly about being attacked on February 11 in Egypt's Tahrir Square while she reported on civil unrest there, but alleged details have emerged in an Australian newspaper about the physical and sexual assault Logan endured. It has really, really annoyed me reading… More »

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Jennifer Aniston’s Long-Awaited “Amelia” Bob?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 22, 2011
[poll id=3122]… More »

Dater X: I’m (Drum Roll) In Love

By: Dater X / February 22, 2011
Like a cat who constantly wants to be petted, I have an insatiable need for back rubs. I am forever asking significant others for them—a request that is usually obliged, but that is sometimes met with a "Maybe later," an "I'm tired" or, worse, an "Again?" So far, The Young One has been happy… More »