20 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

We are less than three weeks away from the shortest day of the year and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to feel the effects of the winter blues — or Seasonal Affective Disorder — begin to set in. Sure, we have a little distraction with the holidays, but come January if we haven’t set up some routine to break us out of a winter rut, we may find ourselves in danger of barely hanging on until spring. A few weeks ago, you shared some of your ideas for combating the winter blues, and after the jump is a roundup of some of those suggestions plus a few of my own to get us motivated to tackle the long months ahead. Keep reading »

Heidi Montag Wants A Black Belt Since She Can’t Afford Security

“I can’t afford security, so I practice self-defense and chain punching. … I spent millions in security in the last four years. I have had to change my life. I can’t afford to go out to the clubs anymore because the sort of protection I need can cost anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand dollars a night. … That is actually where all my money went because safety is number one.”

Heidi Montag explains why she has been taking intense martial arts classes for the past six months, and in the process continues her tour of delusional. Sure, she probably spent a lot on security. But if she wants to know where her money went—it’s in the 10 plastic surgery procedures she had done at once, the money she spent putting out her album, and the fact that she spends, spends, spends in general. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Style Inspiration: Offstage “Black Swan” Fashion

black swan inspiration jpg
We are having a major “Black Swan” moment over here. While we’d love to waltz around the office in one of those Rodarte-designed tutus, we’ve been told that they’re not “appropriate work attire” and probably aren’t all that comfortable. Oh well. You can still get a ballet-inspired look, however, that works in the real world. (Well, you might not find the occasion to wear a fluffy tulle skirt to work, but we’re sure you can work one into your life somehow, right?)

5 Crazy Amazing Vintage Vibrators

horsey 12210 m jpg
In this day and age, sex toys are everywhere. And while so many of us shudder to think about what we’d do without our battery-operated boyfriends, by no means are we the first generation to enjoy sexual technology. The Victorian Era was known for being America’s most prude. But it was also the second coming of the industrial revolution. So, behind the facade of formality there lurked some freaky-deaky technology. Check out “Vigor’s Horse Action Saddle.” I think we all know what kind of action they were talkin’ about … Anyone else suddenly sorry they never took up horseback riding? And this sexy ride, endorsed by the Princess Of Wales, is just the beginning. Take a gander at the greatest ye olde vibrators history has to offer.

Taylor Swift Is Entertainer Of The Year? We Prefer Jon Hamm Or Jane Lynch.

Today, Entertainment Weekly‘s annual Entertainers of the Year issue hits newsstands. And Taylor Swift is on the cover, in a suit and bowtie, touching the rim of her top hat. It’s pretty obvious why EW decided to bestow the honor upon TayTay, making her their youngest Entertainer of the Year ever. This year, she reeled in four Grammys, starred in “Valentine’s Day,” and had some high-profile romances, including with hot new boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Not to mention that her new album, Speak Now, has sold more than a million copies, making it the biggest release in five years. But still, she’s so … milquetoast. Keep reading »

Britney Spears Responds To The Abuse Rumors

“Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars … Ya’ll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana a**!”

Britney Spears responding via Twitter to the rumor in this week’s issue of Star that her manager/boyfriend, Jason Trawick, is abusive and that they were going to have a baby together, until Britney opted for an abortion. The rumor is super nasty, so I think BritBrit’s response is appropriate. [People]

After the jump, a much more upbeat Tweet with better Britney news. Keep reading »

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