Super Fun Gifts For Every Picky Person On Your List

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OK. We’ve officially entered gift-giving season. Do you know what you’re getting everyone yet? We’ve found fun and thoughtful gifts for sports enthusiasts, music lovers and technology buffs and everyone else on your list.

First up, we’ve got The Fashionista–the girl who always looks smashing and knows every trend before anyone else. Check out these amazing, handmade leather Fleathers! Layers of metallic leather cut into feather-like shapes would look stunning on any fashion-forward girl. Think she wants more inspiration in her life? The Fashion Book is an A to Z guide of 150 years of fashion in over 500 awe-inspiring pages.

  1. Metallic Fleather Earrings, $32, Fleathers
  2. At home nail minxing, $15, Sephora
  3. Absolutely Audry grosgrain shoe bow, $10.99, Overstock
  4. The Fashion Book, $29.95, Phaidon

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This Year’s Most Popular Baby Names Are Pop Culture Soaked

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