Really Now, What’s Going On With Brad Pitt’s Style These Days?

By: Julie Gerstein / May 27, 2011

We used to be able to count on Brad Pitt for reliably tasteful and appropriate grownup and sexy style. But lately? Lately, as Amelia’s noted to me over IM on numerous occasions, the man is looking like a broke-down grandpa. I take the style to be “East L.A. Low Rider Fanatic” meets “Early-Bird Special Grandpa,”… More »

Coco Shares Her Secret Talent With The Twitterverse

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 27, 2011

Jessica can juggle. Kate can solve a Rubik’s Cube. I can touch my tongue to my chin and play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on the piano with my big toe. Coco can balance a can on her ass. What’s your secret talent? [BuzzFeed]… More »

6 Concepts For Pippa Middleton’s New TV Show

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 27, 2011

Pippa Middleton’s backside is already famous. If The Enquirer’s sources are accurate, we may be seeing a whole lot more of P-Middy from the front. Word on the ‘bloid circuit is that Oprah Winfrey is pursuing Pippa to become daytime royalty at OWN. Yes, you read that correctly, Pippa Middleton may get her OWN talk… More »

Watch The “Dark Girls” Documentary Trailer

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 27, 2011

The trailer for “Dark Girls,” a new documentary about black women and their skin tone, had me in tears by the end. “Dark Girls” examines racism and colorism both inside and outside of the black community and the societal devaluing of dark-skinned blacks (cough, Psychology Today, cough) dating back to slavery. I don’t… More »

Get Your Fortune Told By Miranda July

By: Ami Angelowicz / May 27, 2011

In honor of her upcoming film, “The Future” (which I predict I will love based on the trailer), Miranda July has created an interactive web oracle wherein she divines your future via a colorful spinning wheel. While she understands that we may be super skeptical of this new form of divination, she encourages us to… More »

5 Bridesmaids Favors That Aren’t Totally Cliché

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 27, 2011