RIP: Jade Goody Dies At 27, Reminding Women Everywhere To Get Pap Smears

Jade Goody died this weekend after a brief battle with cervical cancer at the young age of 27. She is survived by her two young sons and her husband. Though she probably didn’t register on your pop culture radar (she was a fixture on British reality TV), her story should serve as a reminder for all women to get regular pap smears, as a way of checking, preventing, and/or treating cervical cancer, which can spread and kill quickly. Please check out what we have written about the subject matter, after the jump, and make sure to schedule an appointment with your own doctor if it’s been more than a year since your last checkup.
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Robotic Model Can’t Compare To Humans

For the first time ever, a robot walked a fashion runway today in Tokyo. Well it didn’t exactly walk, but sort of wobbled like someone waking from an anesthesia-induced stupor. Although this was a great feat in the robotics industry, don’t expect HRP-4C, the Cybernetic fashion model, to hit another catwalk anytime soon because her signature walk needs a lot of work. I’m not even sure Miss J. can help this one. “Our robot can’t move elegantly like the real models that are here today,” Shuji Kajita, director of humanoid robot engineering at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the company that developed HRP-4C. “It’ll take another 20 to 30 years of research to make that happen.” Our whole concept of a fashion show will probably change by then, so I think the robot industry will serve humanity better by developing a robot maid or mate. [Reuters] Keep reading »

My Little Pony Dressed As Our Favorite Movie Characters

joker little pony c jpg
My Little Joker

Mari Kasurinen, an art student from Finland, customizes My Little Ponies to resemble characters in popular movies. They totally crack us up — kind of like when you see a dog dressed in a Batman suit. And, for a pretty penny, she’ll customize one for you! Click through for a few of our favorites from Kusurinen’s stable.

Crave: Gap V-Neck Cardigans

The Frisky is run on a few things — Diet Coke, tea with soy milk and fresh air quickies, pasta for lunch, and cardigans. The latter we all wear on nearly a daily basis, regardless of the outside temperature. Our little office is freezing! Luckily, The Gap has these awesome soft and comfy V-neck cardigans perfect for layering under blazers during spring and over dresses during summer. They come in a million fun colors and have cute little buttons on the sleeve. We’re going to buy them all and then swap! [$44, The Gap] Keep reading »

Why Don’t Men Ever Understand Our Clothes?

Michelle Obama’s recounting of what Barack thinks of some of her fashion choices made us laugh. And then we started thinking, The president really is just another man! He doesn’t understand women’s clothing choices, just like practically every other guy we know!

When we wrote up our list of 30 Things Women Love That Men Just Don’t Understand, five of the items were fashion/style-related. But there’s so much more where that came from.

It seems as though whenever we don’t dress for men — i.e., form-fitting skirts and cleavage-bearing tops — that’s when they get confused. They can’t understand why we wear tunic tops and chunky wedge heels, or why we decided to cut off all of our hair. Usually, when we take fashion risks like these, we’re doing so as a way to express ourselves or our creativity — or to impress the other girls in the office. But it does suck when you think you look super cute and your guy thinks it looks like you’re wearing a painting smock for pregnant women. Wouldn’t it be nice if women’s and men’s opinions about what makes a stylish outfit meshed better?

What are some of the clothing and style choices your boyfriend and guy friends don’t find appealing?
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Face Off: Demi’s Younger Man Versus Bruce’s Younger Woman

Bruce Willis’ new wife may look exactly like Demi Moore, but Bruce and Demi are even more identical in their taste in younger lovers. Despite Demi and Bruce’s marriage not working out, it’s clear they wanted to the same qualities in a mate. Seriously, it’s like they basically married the same person! Check out the stats, after the jump… Keep reading »

A $2,600 Proposal Cake?

Figuring out how to propose can be just as nerve racking as deciding on an engagement ring and determining when to propose, and an entrepreneur is trying to make the proposal just as special as the ring itself. Angelito Araneta Jr. has created a chocolate cake covered in 24-karat gold leaves and topped with 15 African diamonds. He plans to sell these $2,558 cakes to men who are about to pop the question. Umm, I love chocolate and luxury as much as the next gal, but this is too much. I’d prefer my boyfriend add that extra $2,600 to the cost of my engagement ring. Or better yet, take me on a trip to the Caribbean and and then ask for my hand. I think my rock would go just as well with a Bahama Mama as it would with cake, but hopefully he won’t propose on the Booze Cruise. Actually, I’d admire my future husband even more if he put that money towards a down payment on our love nest. Now, forget the ridiculous price and think about the potential injuries. Gold leaf is edible, but diamonds are the hardest substance on this planet, and probably shouln’t be chewed. Even if these aren’t conflict diamonds, they’ll literally be blood diamonds. [Reuters] Keep reading »

How To Make Love Stay

I have to admit, even after reading “Still life With Woodpecker” no less than about 5 or 6 times, I still have no idea how to make love stay. The most I gathered from the book, it has something to do with Camel cigarettes and since my relationship with smoking was a brief one, I’m afraid that tip is of no use to me. Thankfully, a new study published in the March issue of the Review of General Psychology found that a surprisingly high number of long-term couples, including some who had been married over 20 years, reported that they still felt deeply in love with their partners. The researchers draw a distinction between romantic love and passionate love. “Romantic love,” the researchers say, “has the same intensity, engagement and sexual chemistry as passionate love has, but without the obsession. Passionate love, on the other hand, includes feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.” Well, if that’s the case, I’ll take romance over passion any day. According to the researchers, there are some “tricks” to making that romantic kind of love endure for the long-term.
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Debate This: TMI On A First Date

Matchmaker Steven Ward of “VH1 Tough Love” says that revealing too much information on a first date can scare a potential partner away. He advises the women not to discuss religion, politics, past relationships, etc. I can see where Steve is going with this advice, but I think it’s more helpful in the long run to get some of these touchy subjects out in the open early. I dated this guy long distance for a few months. He and I would go out when I was in Atlanta. The topic of religion came up one night at dinner. Since he had never discussed religion, Christianity, or going to church, I kind of assumed that none of these things were important to him. Boy was I wrong! We spent the whole night debating Christianity and my lack of faith, while other Bible-thumping patrons gave me dirty looks. We never connected again, and I think that if we had discussed religion earlier in our courtship, we would have realized we weren’t right for each other and would have saved a lot of time. I’ve learned my lesson now and tend to discuss touchy subjects when I begin dating someone new. But I realize there are pros and cons to this line of thinking. More after the jump. Keep reading »

Diablo Cody’s “Fempire” Wants It Both Ways

The New York Times just cannot quit “Sex and the City.” It seems like the Sunday Style section is always in search of the next Carrie & Co., which resulted in this weekend’s profile of “Juno” scribe Diablo Cody and her three friends who dubbed themselves “The Fempire.” Cody, who won an Oscar for writing “Juno” and is currently the mind behind Showtime’s “United States Of Tara,” plans on dominating Hollywood alongside her best gal pals, Lorene Scafaria (who wrote “Nick & Norah’s Infinate Playlist”), Dana Fox (“What Happens in Vegas”), and Liz Meriwether, also a screenwriter. Think of them as the estrogen packed version of Judd Apatow and his boys — and guess what? They’re gorgeous! Also! “We’ve all seen each other naked.”

Despite that admission, the quartet want to be taken seriously and make sure that everyone understands that their success and bank-ability has nothing to do with the fact that they’re all easy on the eyes. “I know a few beautiful women,” said Adam Siegel, a producer who is friends with the women. “But none of them write like Dana, Liz, Lorene or Diablo.”

Attributing the Fempire’s success to their talent not their looks is something we can get behind, but it kind of seems like the group uses the latter to their advantage as well. Keep reading »

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