7 Chubby Celeb Men Who Slimmed Down

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Well, well, well … a new record and some time away from Pete Wentz, and Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump is suddenly svelte and trim. The formerly plump singer dropped a bit of weight in advance of the release of his solo project and now he looks like every other sad emo boy.

And he’s not the only famous dude who’s dropped pounds. After the jump, six more chubby celeb guys who’ve whittled themselves down.

One Columnist Argues That Marriage Is Still Important … To Kids

In this week’s Boston Herald, op-ed columnist Jennifer C. Braceras suggests that while adults might think marriage is becoming unnecessary, kids definitely need the institution. She supports this idea with statistics from a recently published Pew Research Center study, conducted in coordination with Time magazine. Braceras highlights the study’s (unsurprising) finding that single-parent households are at an economic disadvantage compared to two-parent households — for example, with the statistic that in 2008 the household income of married adults was 41 percent higher than single adults — and Kay Hymowitz’s book Marriage and Caste in America, which analyzes how children of single moms are “less likely to succeed academically and more likely to suffer from substance abuse, commit crimes and have children at a young age.”

OK, so there are several facts to support the theory that living in a two-parent household has a more positive effect on kids’ success than living in a single-parent household. Got it. But does a marriage certificate matter? Thoughts? [Boston Herald via Time] Keep reading »

Real Housewife Jill Zarin Launches Shapewear

Watch out Spanx, Jill Zarin’s coming for you. “The Real Housewives of New York City” star is launching her own line of unfortunately named shapewear called Skweeze Couture. Zarin created the pinching and sucking garments because she’s “obsessed with looking my best.” Skweeze Couture should launch sometime next year and will join several other “Housewives”-related products, including Ramona Singer’s Tru Renewel beauty creams and Bethenny Frankel’s “Skinny Girl” diet products. Grrreeeeat. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

12 Young Celebrity Double Divorcees

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It has come to our attention that Neve Campbell filed from a divorce from her husband John Light back in June. The 37-year-old actress apparently thought she could sneak one by us, but boy was she wrong. She cited irreconcilable differences and seeks to deny spousal support from the fellow actor. The two have been married since 2007. And Campbell was married before that, to actor Jeff Colt, until their union ended in 1998. [PopEater]

It seems that the curse of Hollywood is to go big and then go broke when it comes to marriages. After the jump, we’ve rounded up a few other celebs who’ve had multiple divorces by the age of 40.

Quickies: Britney’s Camp Says The Abuse Tape Is Fake & Check William Rast For Target

  • Britney Spears’ camp says the audiotape reportedly featuring Britney Spears saying that she was beaten by her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, is 100 percent fake. [TMZ]
  • “No Ordinary Family”‘s Autumn Reeser announced that she’s expecting a baby! [ONTD]
  • “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood got her daughter Leah back from child services. [The Superficial]

Keep reading »

Are We Sexually Compatible?

I’m in my 20s and I’m seeing someone older. I’m a virgin but I want to have sex with him. We’re taking things slow, but I know that he’s very experienced. Is it possible for two people with really different levels of experience to have good sex? Read more Keep reading »

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