Are Push Presents Really Necessary?

By: Annika Harris / April 22, 2011

I love receiving gifts, but even I’m a little confused about the phenomenon of the push present. As you might have heard, the push present is a gift, often a piece of jewelry, a new father gives to a new mother when she gives birth to their first child. If you’re a fan of “TheMore »

Before She Was An Oscar-Winning Actress…

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 22, 2011

Penelope Cruz was a model with a pixie cut in Sassy magazine. Who knew? This pic, from a 1994 issue of the iconic teen magazine, also features platform Converse. Remember those? [via F**k Yeah Awesome '90s Stuff!]… More »

Guy Talk: In Defense Of Dating Your Coworkers

By: Tim Donnelly / April 22, 2011

Before I start here, I need to explain why the distinction between the type of “work” I’m talking about here is different from the typical kind of “job” drudgery lamented in endless Dilbert comics and annoying Facebook status updates. The type of workplace referenced here is the kind that serves as a funnel for your… More »

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Give You Flowers

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 22, 2011

How do you get your boyfriend or hubby to buy you flowers? It’s easy. Just get yourself a gorgeous vase, like this geometric Carnaby vase by designer Jonathan Adler, and lament how it’s sitting there empty! This glossy porcelain vase would be perfect as a centerpiece on your bedroom dresser, or anywhere else that could… More »

Let Him Look If You Don’t Want Him To Stray

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 22, 2011

A new study says that it could be your fault if he’s considering cheating on you. No, not because you’re not putting out enough or you nag too much. It’s because you scold him when he ogles other women. The study found that men who were interrupted while admiring attractive women reported to be more… More »

5 Animals That Might Have Better Hair Than You

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / April 22, 2011