8 Suits, 8 Kids: Kate Gosselin’s Matchy-Matchy Vacay

kategosselin maddie swimsuit 03 07 jpg
Not that it’s a surprise to anyone out there that the Gosselin’s are on vacay—well, everyone minus Jon who’s motoring around his yard back in P-A on his ATV—and if you’ve seen anything of Kate on the beach you know the woman is working it. New suit every day, giant sunglasses, personal trainer-bought six-pack abs. And because Ms.Thing has loads of style (and kids) we thought why not match a kid to the suit—fun way to get to know who is who!

And since twin Mady’s the total diva of the show (well, she’s ain’t the only one, she’s really a mini-Kate), she inspired KG’s total sexy-time suit. How’s that for attention grabbing?

The Wedding Guest Dress Guide: Steal The Show

steal the show 060509 g6 jpg
So your frenemie invited you to her wedding, and you suspect she just wants to show off. Why not wear a dress that will steal attention away from her and some of the focus on you? She probably deserves it anyway.

Phil Spector’s Cockroach And Other Strange Celeb Pets

Legendary rock n’ roll producer Phil Spector was just sentenced to 19 years in jail for murder. Although the prison guards took away his infamous afro wig, he was allowed to bring his iPod and a computer with him. So now, the inmate is a blogger…just like me. Dang, these internets are egalitarian! But what’s Phil got to blog about: prison slop, pooping in public, what really happens when you drop the soap? Actually, he’s been going on and on about his budding bromance with Wilson, a pet cockroach who likes to play chess. Uh, gross.

But in the Celebiverse, you don’t have to be behind bars to have a weird friggin’ pet. From a Blackberry stealing chimpanzee to a flock of flamingos, here are our favorite eccentric celebs and their even crazier animals. Keep reading »

Gallery: Miley Cyrus And Other Random Celeb Clothing Lines

mileycyrus clothinglines 03 06 09 g1 jpg
We hope you’re sitting down, because what we’re about to tell you is going to blow your mind. High-end fashionista Max Azaria and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a new Wal-Mart clothing line. Why would Max lend his couture street cred to the budget-brand teen queen? Listen, we get her pink, glittery “Hannah Montana” product empire, but how did Miley get the busy head of Hervé Léger and BCBG to turn his attention on her? We just can’t picture the dapper designer singing “The Climb” in the shower.

But celebrity is a powerful aphrodisiac for fashionistas and the industry has been hopping in bed with Hollywood for forever. So, were gonna give you the skinny on the most random celeb fashion empires.

Workers of the World—It’s Weisure Time!

As a writer who works from home, sometimes the lines get blurred—what is my work time and what is my leisure time? Apparently, I’m not alone. Experts are calling this mish-mash of work and pleasure “weisure time.” Yes, you read that right. Now try to say it three times fast. Laugh now, but get ready to live it, cause experts are predicting that the American workforce is moving from 9 to 5 work hours to 24/7 “weisure time.” Woo hoo! Keep reading »

Fame And Fortune Don’t Bring Happiness, Yeah Right

A new study has found that the pursuit of fame, fortune, and beauty makes people less happy. One hundred and fifty graduates from the University of Rochester and Knox College in Illinois were followed for two years, and over that time, researchers assessed the graduates’ satisfaction with life, relationships, and self-esteem. Participants also evaluated their anxiety and stress levels, as well as, their physical ailments such as headaches. The researchers found that fame- and money-hungry graduates who had achieved their goals were the most dissatisfied and anxious. In contrast, participants who had a stronger sense of community and had developed fulfilling relationships felt less stress and were more confident. [am New York]

Keep reading »

Put On Your Nylons, Dollface, It’s Time For An Air Raid Party

Brits. We will never understand them sometimes—and not just because of the cute accents.

Tonight some rather cheeky Brits are celebrating a “Blitz Party,” the 65th anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy, France, during WWII. (The Blitz was when the Germans bombed the city of London for over a month straight, tens of thousands of Brits were killed and millions of homes and buildings destroyed.) Keep reading »

WTF “Project Runway,” You Call These People Fashion Experts?

pr 060309 spl g1 jpg
Is anyone else as peeved as us about the new lineup of guest judges slated to appear on Season 6 of “Project Runway”?

Wait, before you answer, first, a quick recap: After a legal mess, the show was moved to L.A. and will air on Lifetime. Now, we’re hearing loads about special celeb guest hosts. Seriously, celebrities as guest hosts. Why? Because movie stars with their on-call stylists and “fashion” lines know their Juicy sweats from their bedazzled flip-flps? I’m sure. It’s as bad as installing fashion icon Kelly Rowland as a judge on “The Fashion Show” judge.

So, in honor of Runway going all celeb on us, we give you a look at the new rumored guest judges—and without further adieu, our first, Eva Longoria Parker! Between this get-up (As Tim Gunn would say, it’s a whooooole lotta look.) and her love for velour tracksuits, I can’t think of a better guest judge!

It’s My Divorce Party And I Will Wear A Wedding Dress If I Want To

Not to rain on our own bridal bonanza parade, but not all marriages end happily ever after. While there is no “right” way to handle a divorce, Brit Jo Wallace can’t be accused of moping. Rather than skulk around her house after her three-year marriage ended, Jo threw a divorce party. Sure a divorce party isn’t quite as conventional as a Tupperware party, but it was actually the dress code that caught our attention. Rather than don the average “night out on the town to pick me up a hunk of new man” garb for the pub crawl through Brighton, England, Wallace insisted that all the women wear wedding gowns. Not just any wedding dress, oh no, the most hideous dress one could find on eBay. Stomping around Brighton like Bridezilla probably doesn’t come up high on the list of conventional ways to celebrate one’s divorce, but we give Wallace credit for making lemonade out of lemons, and giving dresses that usually only get worn once a second life. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Beauty Tips For Beach Weddings

Beach weddings, much like daytime weddings, are not a time to go crazy with the makeup and prom-like hair. Keep it lovely by working the bright eyes and clean-looking skin. And, because you’re going to look naturally-pretty instead of hooker-hot, pick a dress with a fun neckline or a statement necklace to add a little something-something to your look. Keep reading »

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