He Said/She Said: To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Recently, we found ourselves in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest’s Interactive Conference. It was a tornado of fish tacos, rain and excessive Twittering. But the rare occasion to have bloggers and big players in new media together for a week made it a perfect opportunity to ask their opinion on the web-couple’s ultimate dilemma: To blog or not to blog… Keep reading »

Vote For Your Favorite College Basketball Player: March Man-ness Round 2

We’ve counted your votes, and these eight fine gentlemen have advanced to March Man-ness Round 2. This poll closes on Monday, March 30 at 6pm, so vote now! The four players with the most votes will advance to Round 3. May the best hot man win!

UPDATE: Voting for Round 2 is closed! But vote in Round 3 starting March 31! Keep reading »

Get To Know The March Man-ness Round 2 Players

chris kramer jpg
Chris Kramer
Purdue University
Age: 20
Sign: Aries
6’3″/205 lbs.

Women Who Rock: Grace Hopper

March is National Women’s History Month, and we’re celebrating by sharing a lady we admire each weekday.

GRACE HOPPER (1906-1992)
Born on Dec. 9, 1906 in New York City, computer scientist Grace Hopper led an extraordinary life. She earned a doctorate in mathematics from Yale in 1934 at a time when it was rare for women to earn such degrees. Hopper then became a professor at Vassar college where she remained until 1943, when she joined the U.S. Navy reserves. Having a passion for both math and computers, Hopper joined Harvard’s Computation Laboratory as a research engineer in 1946. She became only the third person to work on Harvard’s Mark I computer, the first automatic digital computer in America. (The military used the Mark I until 1959 for ballistics calculations.) It was during this time that she coined the term computer “bug,” after a moth caused a giant malfunction in the Mark I’s operation. Keep reading »

“Self” Profiles Single, Pregnant, & Panicked 20-somethings

Thanks to Amy Benfer at Broadsheet for pointing out this article in the new issue of Self, called “Single, Pregnant and Panicked,” about the trend of twentysomething women having unplanned pregnancies. As the feature points out, we’ve all seen this trend in Hollywood — Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Ashlee Simpson have all had babies in the last few years — but some of us, especially given the statistics, have probably seen it in our personal lives or experienced unplanned pregnancy ourselves. Despite editing this site, the statistics shocked me. About half of American women will have an accidental pregnancy before the age of 45. That’s kind of a scary thought, considering my addiction to high-fructose corn syrup (um, and red wine).

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Star Couplings: Is Britney Trying To Break Free?

  • Britney Spears has been secretly texting Adnan Ghalib, asking him to help her win her freedom back, according to The Sun. But could the texts actually be from Papa Spears? [Dlisted]
  • Rihanna must be desperate for a rebound because she reportedly flirted with Brody Jenner, of all people, while having dinner at Nobu Wednesday night. I guess she didn’t read our suggestions for who she should date next. [Media Takeout]
  • Nadya Suleman brought home babies five and six from the hospital last night. This time the atmosphere outside the home was much calmer. If you’ve seen one baby, you’ve seen them all. [People]
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    Must See TV: Tina Fey’s Chat Line Commerical

    Last night on “30 Rock,” “Liz Lemon” aka Tina Faye Fey, had her dirty laundry aired. And by dirty laundry we mean a totally ‘90s phone sex commercial. I will never look at pizza the same way again! [NBC]

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    Hot Footballer Flounces Around In Store Window Display For All To See

    Andrea Vasa, a 30-year-old hot football — in other words soccer — player for Milan’s Brera team, is living in Dirk Bikkembergs, a high-end Italian store, parading around half-naked, lifting weights, and lolling about for anyone who happens to look in the windows. “Among the shelves and clothes hangers exposing the items that are for sale, Andrea’s personal clothes can be found, as well as the pictures and books he chose to take with him to his new home.” He’s got his own housekeeper and can invite over whomever he likes, but what if he wants to leave? “Before going out, Andrea will take a shower in a relax room papered with pages from Gazzetta dello Sport, compose his outfit for the following occasion, preen himself in one of the silver trophies, step into his Porsche and drive it out through a massive window that doubles as a garage door.” Fascinating! Too bad, Towleroad notes, the shower is the only part of the live-in scene that’s shielded from public view. Keep reading »

    What’s For Lunch? Seven Reusable Lunchbags And Lunchboxes

    This is your mother speaking. You really shouldn’t be getting takeout for lunch every day. Not only are you throwing all of your money away, but you’re not eating all of your food groups! Why don’t you make something yummy for dinner and then pack it in a cute, reusable bag and take it to work? Martha Stewart even suggests a packable lunch recipe every day on her site, so you won’t need to waste a minute thinking about what to eat. You (and your wallet) will thank me when you’re older. Keep reading »

    Quickies!: Madonna Takes Her Love To Africa

  • Madonna will be in Malawi this weekend in order to adopt another child. She just has sooo much love to give. [Dlisted]
  • U.K. TV viewers have spoken. “Gossip Gilr” sucks! Last night, more people, 1.89 million, tuned in to watch “Orangutan Diary” than “Gossip Girl,” which had a paltry 218,000 viewers. [Perez Hilton]
  • Dennis Quaid will play Bill Clinton, Julianne Moore’s got Hillary, and archival footage will represent Monica Lewinsky in “A Special Relationship,” a biopic about Clinton. Dang, what a snub!? [Asylum]
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