Style Stealer: Brie Larson’s Flower Power

By: Julie Gerstein / March 19, 2011
Actress and singer Brie Larson lit up the red carpet at the premiere of the stoner alien movie "Paul" Tuesday night, in a ditsy floral dress and coral heels. We love how fresh and spring-y she looks, and want to copy it ASAP. After the jump, we offer our best Larson-a-likes. More »

Sometimes Mommy Bloggers Need To Shut It

By: The Stir / March 19, 2011
Oh boy, one mom has really stepped in it after publishing her piece about favoring her son over her daughter. In hopes that the post will be taken down permanently, I'm not going to name names (after all, if her post lives, that poor girl might be able to find out what her mom really… More »

’90s Reboot: 10 Things That Are Getting The Second Chance They Deserve

By: Ami Angelowicz / March 19, 2011

Shopping Guide: 8 Dresses To Take The Plunge In

By: Julie Gerstein / March 19, 2011

Bradley Cooper On His “Alias” Days

"I couldn't get into the Skybar. I remember I had my buddy, 'I was like, come to LA, I'm doing a TV show, it's going to be crazy.' We couldn't get in, we couldn't get anywhere, we're sitting back in this one bedroom place I'm renting, it was terrible. My sister came out, she wanted… More »

Rebecca Black Sends Message to the Haters: ‘Friday’ Hits #39 on iTunes

By: Celebuzz / March 19, 2011
Success is truly the best revenge. Rebecca Black — an unsigned 13-year-old singer who has become a YouTube sensation with a song Rolling Stone called an “unintentional parody of modern pop” — has reached over 16 million views and a top slot on iTunes. Still, the teen says she cried over the harsh feedback… More »