How To Date A Celebrity

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Tired of dating nobodies and want to date a somebody? Sick of going out with people whose names you can’t remember and looking to go out with people whose names have appeared on marquees? Interested in climbing your way to fame and infamy by attaching yourself romantically to a human being far more high-profile than you? If you’re looking to land a celebrity, here are the do’s and don’ts. Remember, competition is fierce; they can have whomever they want (or think they can) and you might find yourself having bitten off more than you can chew, but when it comes to love, famous people are the big game of the dating world.

Katy Perry Gets Ready To Poop Snowballs

The pop star sure got into the holiday spirit at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball this year. Incoming! Everybody duck! [Los Angeles, 12/5/10] Keep reading »

Vogue Suggests Skipping The Pantyhose This Winter

bare legs in winter

Apparently, in October, Vogue ran a story that gave “practical advice on how to do as New Yorkers do — and dare to bare your legs this winter …” We’re not sure which NYC women they were talking about exactly, because as far as we understand this is a practice for crazy people. Now the U.K. version of Vogue is discussing how to transition this trend to winter, so you can stay bare-legged through February (we literally just got colder thinking about this). Their suggestions: cozy up with fur, look for skirts with longer hemlines, and lastly to “take tips from the seasoned experts in New York and in the North.” As to what these additional “tips” are, that’s left unanswered.

As you can probably guess, for us, this trend is met with a big, fat “why?” Barring super fancy events, we’d be reluctant to give up protection of the cold on any other day. What do you think of going tights-less in winter? A cool idea? Or an idea that’s literally too cool? [Vogue UK] Keep reading »

5 Ridiculously Awesome Winter Hats

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A few weeks ago I bought a cat hat, complete with ears, yarn whiskers, and a little button nose, and I thought it was really quirky and avant-garde. Then I saw this giant squid hat, and suddenly my cat hat seemed like the most subtle statement piece ever. Click through for four more ridiculously awesome (or awesomely ridiculous?) winter hats guaranteed to keep you warm and attract some confused stares. [Giant Squid Fleece Hat, $105, Etsy]

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I See London, I See France … And Queen Elizabeth’s Underpants

Why celebrities should never, ever accidentally leave belongings behind: they will surely end up on the internet or up for auction. That’s what’s going on with a pair of Queen Elizabeth‘s underpants—if you can even call them that—that she apparently left on a plane way back in 1968. For some 40 years, they had been in the possession of a Florida man, recently deceased. The old-fashioned panties will be up for auction at the man’s estate sale and are expected to go for as much as $9,000! This apparently happened to Queen Victoria’s underwear, which sold for the same price, reports TMZ.

OK: a) the royal family needs to stop leaving its underwear in easy-to-find places, and b) bloomers? We realize the pair is quite old, but even before the ’60s, people were wearing standard panties as we know them. [TMZ] Keep reading »

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