Hold Up Your Pants With A Pair Of Suspenders

beyonce twinkle suspenders c jpg
You might not need suspenders to keep your shorts up, but they look awfully cute, as Beyonce proved earlier this week. See! Even girls with chests to be reckoned with can pull off suspenders (just don’t wear them with a virtually see-through white ribbed tank — that’s slutty).

Give It Up For Vermont! The Green Mountain State Legalizes Gay Marriage

First Iowa, now Vermont — it’s been a big week for gay marriage advocates! The Vermont House of Representatives voted with a two-thirds majority to overturn the Governor’s veto of the gay marriage bill — this makes Vermont the first state in the union where lawmakers passed a gay marriage law instead of the courts. Vermont is the fourth state where gay marriage is now legal, alongside Iowa, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. [Reuters] Keep reading »

“The Hills” Are Alive With the Sound of Drama

Just when I had convinced myself that I actually enjoyed the first season of MTV’s “The City,” Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina, and the rest of “The Hills” crew are back, like the back-stabbing best friends I never had. The season premiere featured a tearful Heidi and Lauren reunion, and Spencer beating up a kid who dared to tell Heidi he saw Spencer hitting on a female bartender. And what’s this I see on the season teaser…? Keep reading »

Crave: Miramax’s “Doubt” On DVD

We kind of slacked off and didn’t see any of the Oscar contenders last year. Sometimes 12 bucks is way too much to pay to sit in a too cold theater with a bunch of strangers for a couple of hours. But now, we can watch Doubt from the comfort of our couch while snacking on real finger food that didn’t cost an additional $12. And when the movie gets too emotional, like when Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) confronts Mrs. Miller (Viola Davis) about her son’s alleged sexual abuse, we’ll be able to cry in private without seeming like a wuss. Let the snot bubbles blow! [$17.99, Amazon] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys In Plaid Shirts

plaid porn jpg
Catherine and I both have a thing for guys in plaid shirts. Sure, maybe this isn’t so much of a nerd girl thing, but we’re kind of nerdy and plaid gives us the tingles. We hope you agree!

Behold, This Year’s March Man-ness Champion!

march manness winner c jpg
For two weeks, you’ve been voting on your favorite college basketball players, narrowing the March Man-ness field from 16 to one. It’s been an interesting competition — guys we thought might make it all the way to the finals didn’t get past the first round (Dante Cunningham, AJ Price), and a few surged ahead of the pack. Chris Kramer and Conner Teahan left their fellow ballers in the dust, practically from Round 1. They made for an interesting pairing in the final poll, however, Kramer seems to have amassed many loyal fans, because he beat out pretty boy/Zac Efron look-alike Teahan by 168 votes. And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few photos of Big Man on Campus Chris Kramer.

A Plea Deal For Chris Brown?

Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to felony charges of assault and making a criminal threat in a Los Angeles court on Monday. His plea, however, could just be a formality because there are rumors that he and his lawyer are seriously negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecutor. If Chris cops a plea, then Rihanna won’t have to testify. She has made it clear she doesn’t want to testify but will if forced, says her attorney. A quick resolution to the case is also in Chris’ best interest, if significant jail time is taken off the table. He will avoid the public airing of his dirty laundry and more negative publicity. He’s facing a maximum of four years and eight months in a federal prison if the case goes to trial, however, he could get as little as probation alone. Then again, if the prosecutor makes a tough offer, Chris might be better off going to trial in hopes of avoiding a lot of prison time, even if it means his reputation and career will be in the toilet when he gets out. [MTV.com] Keep reading »

What Can Lindsay Lohan Do To Save Her Career?

Lindsay Lohan, who is virtually bankrupt and recently split with sugar mama Sam Ronson, is expanding her 6126 leggings line with pantyhose. This just sounds like a last ditch effort to make some money. I mean, pantyhose are just plain boring. What’s next, tube socks? Since hosiery generally goes for less than $20, we came up with some ideas for Lindsay to save her career and help her stay relevant, you know, because occasionally appearing on magazine covers and endorsing products doesn’t a lasting career make. Keep reading »

What Your Breasts Say About Your Bedroom Skills

According to Now Public, way back in 18th Century Spain, scientists believed you could gauge how good a woman was in bed by just examining her boobs. Hm, that sounds like a lame excuse for nerdy dudes to get their grubby hands on ye ole girls…but alas “sternomancy,” the study of the bumps on the breast bone, was actually considered to be a legitimate and even divine discipline of yesteryear. Nowadays, you don’t need a PhD in ta-ta’s to be able to tell what your pair says about you. We’ve broken all the boobies down for you!
Keep reading »

The Most Stressful Moments Of A Relationship

A new study suggests that the most stressful time of the week is 11:45 on Tuesday morning. The idea is that most people in the workforce coast through Mondays catching up on gossip with their co-workers, favorite websites, and online social networks. By Tuesday reality sets in and they spend the morning going through everything in their real and virtual in-boxes that they ignored on Monday. Apparently, 11:45 is the time this all comes to a head and people start going bonkers.

The study got me thinking about how there’s a similar cycle of escape-from-and-return-to-reality in our romantic relationships. Exceptional first dates, passionate weekends away, the first “I love you’s,” sweet proposals and romantic honeymoons are all wonderful escapes from the pressures of maintaining a healthy relationship during the stress and monotony of everyday life, but you know they’re always followed by their own “11:45 on Tuesday” moments. After the jump, a timeline of the most stressful moments in a relationship that are guaranteed to kill a mood. Keep reading »

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