Delusion Does A Happy Marriage Make

By: Ami Angelowicz / March 7, 2011
A new study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that the secret to a happy marriage is being slightly delusional about your partner. Researchers found that those who tend to idealize their beloved do better than pragmatists like myself when it comes to long-term happiness in marriage. “People are very good at changing their… More »

15 Real Reasons We Dumped Him

By: The Frisky / March 7, 2011
Blogger Shmitten Kitten asked the question, "What's the REAL reason you dumped him?" We'd love to pretend like it was always for noble reasons -- like our lives were headed in different directions, there was some fundamental chemistry missing, or he didn't want to have kids. Sometimes those were the real reasons. But… More »

The Prettiest Girl On The Runway Is A Boy

By: Julie Gerstein / March 7, 2011
Meet Andrej Pejic, the fresh-faced model that's stomping down the Paris runways this fashion week for Jean Paul Gautier. Pejic isn't just a typical pretty face, because she's a he. And, he says, he'd even consider a sex change if he were given a contract with Victoria's Secret. "Yes, if I was offered a Victoria'… More »

A Real Live Flying House!

By: Ami Angelowicz / March 7, 2011
Two engineers were so taken by the scene from "Up" where the house takes flight that they tried to recreate it for a new National Geographic series "How Hard Can It Be?" The answer is that it was very hard, but possible. After inflating many, many giant balloons, the miniature yellow house did lift off. More »

10 Celebrities Who Are Anti-Medicine

Girl Talk: The Anatomy Of A Failed Relationship

By: Julie Gerstein / March 7, 2011
If you are the hopeless romantic type, this story might appeal to you. Alternately, if you are the jaded, anti-love breakup schadenfreude type, this story might appeal to you, too. This is about the last time I fell over-the-top in love, and the really terrible way it ended. More »