Julianne Hough’s New Video Is “Kinda Banned”

Wait, did you know that Julianne Hough of “Dancing with the Stars” was a country music artist? I had no idea until I read the news this morning that her newest video, “Is That So Wrong,” has been deemed too, well, wrong for Country Music Television. They have apparently “kinda banned” the video, whatever that means, even though it’s pretty tame by recent standards. This means Julianne is now part of the elite club of musicians with banned videos. Congratulations, Julianne! Keep reading »

8 Holiday Cocktails To Keep Your Spirits High

holiday cocktails g1 jpg
Since there’s more to holiday treats than simply gingerbread, candy canes, and apple cider, we’ve found eight holiday cocktail recipes that spice up these three holiday favorites and others. Here are the recipes to add more spirit to your holiday festivities. And if you’d like to learn some other holiday cocktail recipes, simply click on the source links for more ideas.

Hot Celebs With Hot Beatz For Peace

This vid contains the most peeps over 50 ever seen in a rap video. And it’s all for a really important cause — and I’m not talking about getting badonkadonks to bounce. With Sudan on the brink of a new civil war, and the threat of genocide looming, George Clooney, Virgin visionary Richard Branson, new mom Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, U.N Secretary General and Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan, and President Jimmy Carter all got together to play back-up singers for Sudanese musician Emmanual Jai’s “We Want Peace” music video. Respect! Don’t miss the chance to use your dirrrty dancefloor bump n’ grind for good! Keep reading »

Style Icon Showdown: Brad Pitt Vs. Johnny Depp

johnny depp and brad pitt 12 20 m jpg
“The Tourist” has been panned by critics as a mediocre movie, but I am eternally grateful for any film that brings Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt to the same red carpet. While these two men are undeniably gorgeous, their personal styles couldn’t be more different: Johnny favors eccentric bohemian looks and Brad is all about sleek, monochromatic outfits. Click through to check out a roundup of their recent looks, and don’t forget to tell us whose style you prefer!

Jenny McCarthy Is So Done With Hollywood Guys

“I can’t do any celebrities. I need normal folks. I’m officially done [with Hollywood guys]. It was on my bucket list. Maybe I can check that one off my list. I don’t like the red carpet scene. I like to stay at home and watch movies. I’ll just take a nice guy.”

Jenny McCarthy tells Ryan Seacrest that, in the wake of her breakup from Jim Carrey, she is looking for a nice, normal dude to make out with on New Year’s Eve. Any volunteers? [People] Keep reading »

Amelia’s Favorite Things Of 2010

The blog Your It List has asked a bunch of cool tastemaker types to reveal their favorite things of 2010. They didn’t ask us for ours, but we’re going to share ‘em anyway. You’ve read Julie’s, now here’s Amelia’s … Keep reading »

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