Why He’ll Never Understand Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy, for a dad, can feel like an awkward office-party where you’re the new employee. It’s as though you have to paste on a forced smile that you have to wear for months. Not fake, just forced. The feeling is completely sincere — you are genuinely pleased and happy (if you like your partner and want for her to be pregnant, that is, and even sometimes if not) — but you feel the need to show it outwardly in ways that don’t feel natural. Read more Keep reading »

A Brief But Fond History Of A Jacket, Plus A Super Fast DIY!

diyfurcollar 120110 m jpg
Originally bought by my best friend in the mid-’90s while she was in high school, if this Calvin Klein Jeans jacket could talk, oh the stories it would tell. Fortunately, for my girlfriend and me, it can’t talk, so our secrets are safe. But the history still shows through its frayed hems, missing buttons, and crinkled body — things that make me love it even more. This jacket has been everywhere from rock concerts to breakup sceness and everything in between. Every fall, I get excited to throw it on, and it never disappoints; the classic lines and military green color are tried and true and it has a relaxed, cool, effortlessly chic vibe. But what about when fall turns into winter, temperatures drop, and lighter jackets get put away until spring? May I suggest DIYing it? Take a look after the jump to see how you can stylishly bring a lighter jacket into winter with you, and then tell us, do you have a favorite article of clothing that’s been with you through thick and thin?

20 Love And Sex Scandals That Rocked 2010

When it came to celebrity scandals, 2010 had its fair share of zingers. From adulterous golfers to adulterous soccer players to adulterous motorcycle builders … well, a lot of famous people cheated. But it wasn’t all sordid hookups, secret babies and embarrassing fake-relationship publicity stunts. There was also the creepiest “Bachelor” ever! Join us as we count down the 20 most scandalous celebrity love and sex stories of 2010. Keep reading »

A Beastie Boys Biopic Is In The Works

Picture this: Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride as Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA. Yup, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch is directing a short biopic about the making of the song “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).” “Fight For Your Right Revisited” will premiere at the Sundance Short Film Festival. Oh-so excited to see anything having to do with the Beastie Boys. I believe this gives us all license to ill. [Sterogum] Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Nicole Richie’s Elegant Evening Shorts

nicolerichieshorts 120110 m jpg
We absolutely love the fancy velvet shorts Nicole Richie was recently spotted wearing out. Shorts are a great alternative to skirts in the winter, and layered over some opaque stockings make even the shortest shorts more palatable. Nicole is rocking a fantastic blue velvet pair and we’ve found a great version by Jane Norman for only $25! Take a look at 10 other New Year’s Eve-worthy pairs we’ve found. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with these stem stunners — they’re all under 50 bucks!

10 Celebs Share Who They Want To Play Them In Their Biopic

biopic stars g1 jpg
Kylie Minogue has had a movie-worthy life between the soap operas, the locomotion, a comeback, and a battle with cancer. But it would probably be best, if said film is ever made, for Kylie to stay out of the casting process. When the singer was asked who she would want to play her in a film, Minogue offered, “I’ve been told Hilary Duff resembles me. If she could manage to lose the American accent perhaps that would work.” Erm, I mean I enjoyed “Lizzie McGuire” as much as the next person, but Duff isn’t the shiniest star Hollywood has to offer. Though I will say the resemblance is there. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, other famous folks who’ve casted themselves, with sometimes bizarre and gender-bending results.

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