Ask The Man Panel: Pencey’s Beguiling Braided Dress

By: Julie Gerstein / April 4, 2011
Admittedly, there are a lot of things going on with this Pencey braided dress: The fringe, the spots, the swishy skirt. It's not necessarily for everyone, but is it boy-friendly and date-appropriate? We asked our panel of chatty dude friends what they thought about this dress, and you better believe they told us. More »

“There’s A Misogyny In Audiences,” Says Director

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 4, 2011
"Nicholas Stoller, director of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Get Him To The Greek,' says, "There's a misogyny in audiences, a much higher bar of required likability for women stars. You need to make the actress completely adorable, or else she'll be thought of as the straight man or the bummer — which… More »

Nude Photo Of Elizabeth Taylor, Age 24, Surfaces

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 4, 2011
A nude photo of Elizabeth Taylor at age 24 has been released by a "private collector." Yes, even Liz Taylor had a naked pic! Elizabeth reportedly had her friend Roddy McDowall take the photograph — in which she's crouched naked on a shaggy carpet — as an engagement gift for her third husband Michael… More »

For The Week Of April 4-10, 2011

By: Kiki T / April 4, 2011
Virgo (August 23 - September 22)Sudden offers that come in may leave you staring back with a condescending side-eye, but don’t be quick to judge anything now, as there is substance under the insanity. You know it -- miscommunications will be underway and semantics can lead you astray, but experience will… More »

Michelle Williams Goes Commando For “Meek’s Cutoff”

By: StyleList Home / April 3, 2011
Michelle Williams' co-star Zoe Kazan revealed some unique wardrobe benefits enjoyed by the female cast of "Meek's Cutoff," at a screening Monday night in New York hosted by the Cinema Society and accessories designer Nancy Gonzalez. Kazan explained her favorite features about their 1845-style dresses with full skirts: "You can wear no underpants and just… More »

Prince William Getting Pre-Wedding Jitters

"I did the rehearsal the other day and my knees started tapping quite nervously. It's quite a daunting prospect but very exciting, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it ... It's quite good news always to outfox the media, but [my bachelor party] was a military operation and my brother and I are very proud… More »