Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Classy & Refined Mom

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Some women just have it together. If this is the type of gal your mom is, you probably had personalized stationery by the time you were five, drank your milk out of Waterford crystal, and knew who Charlotte Bronte was before starting high school. Give Mom something beautiful yet personal because that’s what she likes best (with, of course, a handwritten card telling her how great she is).

Dating Amelia: Is My Busted Engagement A Problem For You?

I never thought I would be in the position of dating with a broken engagement under my belt. I hope to never have another. As I’ve started dating again, I’ve had to think about how honest I want to be about my prior relationship history. So, how honest do I want to be? Totally.

At first, I thought that I had been engaged might work in my favor. Men are inclined to assume a woman is more interested in something serious than they are, that women want more from men than they’re ready to give. After all, women are always a little further ahead on the marriage path, aren’t they? But I was engaged and dumped. I’m newly single. Therefore, I must project a “just looking to have fun and meet new people” vibe, right?

Apparently not. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Kelly Rip(ped)a

The daytime talk show host pumps up more than celebs and Regis Philbin. How in the world did three babies come out of that six-pack? [Miami, 5/5/09]

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Tyra Banks Wants To Expand The Idea Of Beauty

Over the weekend, Tyra Banks took part in The New York Times‘ “Times Talks.” Besides demonstrating to the audience how to do a few of her 275 smiles, Tyra said she wakes up every day to “expand the idea of beauty,” which encompasses trying to change people’s views of what is beautiful. “In the high-fashion world, darker black skin is considered beautiful,” Tyra said. “But on the commercial side, you have girls like myself, Beyoncé, and Halle Berry, with light black skin. I make a point to have beautiful chocolate girls on ‘Top Model’ who are also girls next door.” But this isn’t entirely true. For the most part, black models tend to have lighter skin, whether they appear in advertisements (Beyonce, Selita Ebanks) or walk the runway (Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman). There aren’t many darker black women appearing in magazines these days. For years, Alek Wek represented on the pages of Vogue, on runways, and in ads for Clinique and other brands, but even her presence has dwindled. Tyra is trying her best to shift things, at least on “America’s Next Top Model.” Of the four remaining women in this season’s running, two (Teyona and Aminat) are black. While Tyra can’t change the world, she’s doing what she can through ANTM — even if the show’s winners tend not to make much of a mark on the modeling world after their season ends. [, Cutblog/Twitter] Keep reading »

10 Lies You’ve Been Told About Sex

The studs over at Spike did a hilarious round up of “The Top Ten Lies You’ve Been Told About Sex.” From “Green M&Ms Make You Horny” to “Black Dudes Have Gigantic Dongs,” they’re breaking down myths and making us bust out laughing. Men sure have been told some serious clunkers! But we women have had the wool pulled over our eyes, too. Here are some humdingers ladies have had to listen to … Keep reading »

Lessons From Mom: Don’t Spend Your Whole Paycheck In One Place

We’re celebrating moms this week in preparation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10. What’s the best thing your mother ever taught you? Tell us by sending an email to or tweeting @thefrisky. Keep reading »

World’s First Steampunk Vibrator

When unemployed, most of us spend half of our time writing cover letters and applying for jobs and the other half watching “Judge Judy” and reading the magazines our neighbors subscribe to before they have a chance to look at them. But most of us aren’t Ani Niow, an engineering student with a minor in sexuality. Ani made what may be the world’s first “steampunk vibrator,” which looks a bit like a mod dumbbell, weighs about a pound, and is “smooth to the touch.” Word is it “sorta works” but gets too hot for one’s nether regions and must be handled with gloves. If Ani can secure a more powerful boiler, she’ll give a second model a whirl. Hey, it beats eating bonbons and refreshing every five minutes. [via] Keep reading »

Recapping “Gossip Girl”: The Wrath Of Con

OMFG this episode was actually F-U-N in spots! Can you believe it? Neither can I! Well, don’t worry. I’m sure next week’s episode will be supreme crossover lameness to pimp the new Lily-is-young-in-the-‘80s series. But today it’s still 2009, and I’m still basking in the afterglow of a sorta-good episode.

To review: Serena’s ugstown boyfriend Gabriel stole a bunch of money through a Ponzi scheme and disappeared. In this episode, Serena lures him in with a false pregnancy claim and then gets him to admit everything. He’s wearing softest powder blue and has a weird sudden fake tan. Because she’s stupid, she doesn’t involve the police but instead tries to play Encyclopedia Brown. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Nicole Richie, All Air, All Smiles

[Taping "Live with Regis & Kelly," Miami, 5/5/09]
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Doin’ It With Dr. V: Masturbation Myths

Hi, I’m Dr. V. I’m not a real doctor, I just play one on the Internet. What I am is a lady, a lady who is a fool for love! And I love nothing more than sex. My deepest desires have happily led me on many adventures in the sack, but they have also, sadly, made me one of my gyno’s most valuable players. But I’ve lived to tell the tale(s)! So, from time to time, I will dish the dirt on everything from getting freaky to getting freaked out. Now, let’s get this party started…

May is National Masturbation Month! The annual tradition began as a show of support for former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, who was fired from her job when she suggested that teens be taught self-love as a safe sex option. That seems like a bright idea, but we live in dark times, and a lot of people out there aren’t in touch with themselves. So, lets bust some myths about sexy time with yourself. Keep reading »

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