Quickies!: Frowny Faces More Likely To Get Divorced

  • The less a person smiles, the more likely they are to get divorced. [Economist] — Great. :( Oops! I take it back!
  • The hottest professors on this list are actually effing hot. [Lemondrop]
  • Same-sex marriage is on its way to being legal in Maine and Washington, D.C. [Bangor Daily News and MSNBC]
  • Jason Wu’s apartment is very, very shiny. [NYMag.com]
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    Cinco de Mayo Shout Out: Five Things We Love About Mexico

    Mexico isn’t doing so hot these days. Not only does the country have an out of control drug cartel problem, now there’s this whole swine flu thing, which many people in the world are calling “Mexican flu.” Tourism to Mexico has all but shut down in the past week, and their economy is reeling. But it’s Cinco de Mayo. Holler! In honor of the holiday, after the jump, we countdown the top five things we love about Mexico. Keep reading »

    10 Things That Are More Dangerous Than The Swine Flu

    This weekend, I was talking to a doctor friend of mine who calmed all of my fears about swine flu. Then I read: “90 people get the swine flu and everybody wants to wear a mask. A million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.”So true. The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of way, way, way more dangerous and scary things humans have to worry about that make the swine flu look like child’s play. AIDS/HIV, for one — plus: cancer, global warming, terrorists. After the jump, 10 more things that are way worse than swine flu.
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    Quick Pic: Marc Jacobs’ Muses Gettin’ Crunk

    Kate Hudson, Agyness Deyn, Kate Bosworth, and Liv Tyler go partying post-Met Costume Ball. [NYC, 5/4/09] Keep reading »

    How To Date Someone Dumber Than You

    “My boyfriend and I are not on the same page, intellectually speaking. Are we doomed?” – Alexis, New York

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  • Lessons From Mom: Be Independent

    We’re celebrating moms this week in preparation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10. What’s the best thing your mother ever taught you? Tell us by sending an email to tips@thefrisky.com or tweeting @thefrisky. Keep reading »

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Constant Gardener Mom

    mothers day gg garden g6 jpg
    My mom knows how to make things grow — just look at me! Seriously, though, she knows all about plants and how to nurture them. This weekend, she taught me all about flowering bushes like weigela and viburnum. Here’s what I think she might like for Mother’s Day.

    Casual Sex Site Makes Us Sad

    Craigslist‘s Casual Encounters is probably the best known place to go for casual sex. However, it’s not the only site you can visit if you want to hook up without dating. OnlineBootyCall.com‘s sole purpose is to connect its 3 million users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia for hookups. Not dates. Not love. Nothing more than sex. The site’s tagline: “A dating site for singles who enjoy being single.” And, it’s thriving. Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: Posh Spice Can’t Hide Her High Beams

    Victoria Beckham’s personal umbrella holder shouldn’t bother shielding her from the rainy weather — her top is already see-through! [NYC, 5/5/09] Keep reading »

    Crave: Pepperface Pepper Spray Tubes

    Because we love to be stylish and safe, we are digging these awesomely-decorated pepper sprays from Pepperface. Encased in sleek aluminum tubes in pretty purple, rocker black, or James Bond-esque 18-karat gold, you can ward off evildoers with major flair. A fave of celebs like Carmen Electra and Lindsay Lohan, these glammed up pepper sprays are pretty and protective. [$55 and up, Pepperface.com] Keep reading »

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