Kanye And Jared Leto Team Up, Plus The Worst Celebrity Duets Of All Time

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Kanye West and Jared Leto wanna rock you like a “Hurricane” with their new duet. For the past decade, Jordan Catalano Jared has fronted emo band, 30 Seconds To Mars. And somehow, he’s managed to wrangle hip-hop legend Kanye for a cameo on their upcoming record. [MTV] — While this combo sounds promising, alas, history has a tendency to repeat itself. We hope their duet won’t join the list of the most infamous flops of all time.

Clearly, just like us, Kanye is a sucker for pretty-boy Leto. He took time out of his busy schedule to pose with his Grace Jones look-a-like girlfriend, Amber Rose, and even sang on Jared’s track sans his beloved Auto-Tune. It must be luv! Leto dished about the bromance to MTV. “My favorite is when [Kanye] sings, as opposed to rapping,” he said. “I told him that—that I really like him as a singer.”

Aw, sounds like they would make beautiful music together, if you know what we mean. But as far as their actual song goes, we have our doubts. Just take a look at these collaborations gone wrong.

Lessons From Mom: Don’t Hold A Grudge

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day E-Cards

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and some of you are screwed. We’re talking to all you slackers who forgot to send your mom a heartfelt card this week so that she’ll get it by the weekend. Don’t worry, though. We’ll try to help. Here are a few not-entirely-lame e-cards that might make Mom feel appreciated.

“There’s A Condom In My French Fries” And Six Other Very Unhappy Meals.

It was a sad day for a seven-year-old girl in Switzerland. She got more than a prize in her McDonald’s Happy Meal—allegedly, she found a condom in her french fries. Cops are investigating how the condiment got there and if it contained any … special sauce. [MSNBC] — I’ll think I’ll stick to ketchup. This gross mishap reminded us of some other surprises people have found in their food over the years.

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The Perfect Mirror For Your Favorite Narcissist

A recent study shows there’s a narcissism “epidemic” spreading among college-age women. Apparently, ladies of generation “me” are three times more likely to think they’re “special” than those of previous generations. In honor of all that ego going around, here are four cool mirrors for our self-centered sisters (and you know who you are) within which they can check their supreme awesomeness all day long.

  1. Show that self-love, baby! [$39.99, Target]
  2. You and your gorgeous reflection can play peek-a-boo for hours with this whitewashed shutter mirror. [$119, Wisteria]
  3. You don’t even have to ask: “Who’s the fairest of them all?” [$148, Anthropologie]
  4. This ’70s “brilliant” mirror says it all, no? [$59.99, Bed Bath and Beyond]

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M.I.A. Wants Oprah’s Help Stopping War In Sri Lanka

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Lessons From Mom: You Can Do It

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? No? Here are a few gift ideas if you need some last-minute help! Thank you for tweeting and emailing us the lessons your mother taught you — but don’t forget to tell her this Sunday! Keep reading »

Model Tell-Alls: The Clothes, The Men, The Glamour!

Calvin Klein once said, “Models aren’t supposed to think.” We wonder what he’s thinking now that his former poster girl, Kate Moss, is penning an autobiography that’s suspected to be a deep reflection on her career and relationships. Moss isn’t the first model to tell her story. Famed catwalkers like Iman and Janice Dickinson have published books, as well, proving that models have dishy stories to share — and can write. After the jump, four books by models to keep you satiated until Moss’s release.
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Keepin’ It Classy: The Costume Conundrum

This weekend, the new “Star Trek” prequel hits theaters. I’ve got tickets for the movie screening, but I bet it’ll be more of a sci-fi fashion show! Even the most die hard Trekkie has to wonder: Can a true lady boldly go to the theater in a costume?

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Quickies!: Alleged Wife-Killer Drew Peterson Heads To The Pokey

  • Drew Peterson was arrested for killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. [UPI.com]
  • As if Rihanna hasn’t had enough embarrassing photos leaked this year, a new crop featuring a half-naked RiR has surfaced on the web. [Dlisted] — I’m not sure these are real, but the woman looks a helluva like Rihanna. Celebs and their entourages shouldn’t be allowed to have camera phones.
  • You be the judge: Did Rachael Ray get a few toxic injections in her face? [Perez Hilton]
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