Can You Guess The Real Housewives’ Eyebrows?

guess the eyebrows 062909 m jpg
The Real Housewives have no problem expressing themselves with their mouths, but their eyebrows are another story. A Botox injection here and there has left some of the Housewives with permanent evil brows, or given them a too-high forehead. We thought we’d play a game and see how well you can guess the eyebrows. Tell us your guesses in the comments and click through for the answers.

Quick Pic: Not So Fast With The Thumbs Up, Ed Westwick

If any bloke could pull off snappy red suspenders, it’s you, Ed Westwick. But I’m sorry, you kinda look like a 50-year-old stockbroker. Nice try, “Gossip Girl” wardrobe department. [NYC, 6/29/09] Keep reading »

Are “Girlie Men” The New Heartthrobs?

The testosterone-fueled, ruggedly “handsome” screen star as we know him—strong jaw line, brooding eyes, a prominent nose—is on the way out, if the New York Observer is to be believed. Surely, in this post-”Queer Eye” world, it’s no secret that even the Manliest of Manly Men are trimming their facial scruff and plucking their beastly brows. But Irina Aleksader at the Observer wonders if what currently makes girls squeal are…girlie men.

Keep reading »

Crave: A Dapper American Apparel Bow Tie

This bow tie pays homage to the teddy bear we’ve had since we were 7, but if anyone asks, we’d just say that we’re taking fashion cues from Andre 3000 or Tucker Carlson. But really, how cute would a seersucker bow tie look on a Wall Street girly-girl outfit like a button down shirt, a pair of tight jeans and a hot blazer? [$19, American Apparel] Keep reading »

Kendra Wilkinson And Other Playmates Who’ve Gone Wholesome

wilkinson 062909 splash jpg
Former Playboy Playmate and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson, is trading nudity for…normalcy? That’s right, on Saturday she married NFL star Hank Baskett at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. Hefner and Playmate Bridget Marquardt made an appearance, and Kendra rocked more than $100,000 worth of jewels. Okay, maybe this isn’t the most normal wedding but it’s a start. The happy couple is expecting a child on Christmas Day. [People]

Kendra isn’t the only Playmate to leave the mansion and head towards a more normal life. Check out these reformed bad girls.

Quick Pic: Is Erin Lucas’ AC/DC Tattoo The Pits?

We had no idea that “The City”‘s Erin Lucas was the daughter of AC/DC’s bassist, Cliff Williams. Betcha no one else did either and that’s why she got this tattoo, the AC/DC lightening bolt, under her armpit, on Father’s Day. [via Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Only Hotties Get To Play On Centre Court At Wimbledon

Call it the Anna Kournikova effect. We’ve suspected for a while that women who are gorgeous and semi-good at tennis get more face time in the sport than women who are amazing but only average looking. This week, our greatest suspicions were confirmed. The All England Club, who hosts Wimbledon, admitted that looks help determine who plays on Centre Court, which automatically means television coverage. The spokesman for the Club, Jonny Perkins, stated it plain and simply: “Good looks are a factor.”

While Serena Williams, the uber-famous number two seed, was playing on the number two court, two lower ranked 19-year-olds—8th seed Victoria Azarenka and 28th seed Sorana Cirstea—were being broadcast on Centre Court. Later in the week, number one seed Dinara Safina played on one of the outer courts while seeds nine and fifty-nine got Centre Court. To put the nail in the coffin, during the men’s tournament, five-times Wimbedon winner Roger Federer was not displaced to the number two court. Keep reading »

A Second Look At Forever 21′s New Plus Sized Line

faith21look2 jpg
It’s not yet available at all stores, but Forever 21′s plus-sized label, Faith 21, is already attracting a strong following. It could be because the line, which formally debuted last month,  targets young fashionistas who fall out of “standard” size categories. Faith 21 offers girls fashion forward pieces from Large to 2X. Their pieces are as diverse as their sizes — think runway inspired dresses, tops, and jeans, all from $3.50 to $35.90. Keep clicking to see some of the looks and head over to to find available stores.

Quick Pic: Some Like It Hot

Last Friday, these ladies competed in the Hollywood Casino of Cincinnati’s Marilyn Monroe Look-A-Like Contest and the winner took home 500 clams. Dang, forget these other weird beauty pageants, this one seems like pretty generous odds with a big payola, especially for a casino. So, if you want to cash in, see how much you can stomach at their next “Freaky Friday” event, The Coney Eating Contest, on July 24th. [Cincinnati,OH, 6/26/09] Keep reading »

“True Blood” Recap: Eric’s Makeover, Sookie’s Bull-Headed Attacker, & Jessica’s Romance

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was fantastic — we finally found out whether or not Lafayette had been turned into a vampire, Sookie was attacked by some weird creature that left her with gnarly claw marks down her back, and a romance blossomed between new vampire Jessica and adorable local gentleman, Hoyt. Mary Anne also had another icky orgy party, we got to see Tara’s new boyfriend’s rockin’ abs, and we fully began to appreciate Eric the Vampire’s David Beckham-esque makeover. Even though there weren’t any Sookie/Bill sex scenes, this was still the best episode of Season 2. More gushing, and some questions, after the jump… Keep reading »

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