Channing Tatum Has Been Well Taught On Putting The Toilet Seat Down

"I hope I'm a good husband. I always put the toilet seat down. I grew up with women, so I would get in big trouble if I didn't put the toilet seat back down. It's been ingrained in me." —Channing Tatum divulges the secret to keeping his relationship happy at a screening of HBO'… More »

Remembering Alexander McQueen: 13 Celebs Rock The Savage Designer

By: Julie Gerstein / April 11, 2011

Donald Trump Is Against Abortion For The WTF-iest Of Reasons

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 11, 2011
Donald Trump once had a friend whose wife got pregnant. The couple considered an abortion. They chose to carry the pregnancy to term and the baby made the friend very happy. The friend cried while telling this story to Trump. And that's why he's against abortion for everybody. Because if not having a… More »

Don’t Pluck Your Eyebrows, Tattoo Them

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 11, 2011
Why bother with tweezing, grooming, or lining your brows when you can tattoo them instead? I have a feeling this flower eyebrow tattoo trend is not going to catch on. But kudos for creativity. Check out some more extreme eyebrow fails here. [Buzzfeed]… More »

15 Sets Of Hot Celebrity Brothers

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 11, 2011

“Jersey Shore” Paychecks Are Gaining Zeros Faster Then The Cast Of “Friends”

Their first time around at Seaside Heights, the castmates of "Jersey Shore" made a reported $5,000 per episode, plus room, board, and a duck phone. For season two, they got upped to $10K per episode, plus bonuses. But the word on the street is that for season four of the show—which will soo… More »