A Second Look At Forever 21′s New Plus Sized Line

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It’s not yet available at all stores, but Forever 21′s plus-sized label, Faith 21, is already attracting a strong following. It could be because the line, which formally debuted last month,  targets young fashionistas who fall out of “standard” size categories. Faith 21 offers girls fashion forward pieces from Large to 2X. Their pieces are as diverse as their sizes — think runway inspired dresses, tops, and jeans, all from $3.50 to $35.90. Keep clicking to see some of the looks and head over to Forever21.com to find available stores.

Quick Pic: Some Like It Hot

Last Friday, these ladies competed in the Hollywood Casino of Cincinnati’s Marilyn Monroe Look-A-Like Contest and the winner took home 500 clams. Dang, forget these other weird beauty pageants, this one seems like pretty generous odds with a big payola, especially for a casino. So, if you want to cash in, see how much you can stomach at their next “Freaky Friday” event, The Coney Eating Contest, on July 24th. [Cincinnati,OH, 6/26/09] Keep reading »

“True Blood” Recap: Eric’s Makeover, Sookie’s Bull-Headed Attacker, & Jessica’s Romance

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was fantastic — we finally found out whether or not Lafayette had been turned into a vampire, Sookie was attacked by some weird creature that left her with gnarly claw marks down her back, and a romance blossomed between new vampire Jessica and adorable local gentleman, Hoyt. Mary Anne also had another icky orgy party, we got to see Tara’s new boyfriend’s rockin’ abs, and we fully began to appreciate Eric the Vampire’s David Beckham-esque makeover. Even though there weren’t any Sookie/Bill sex scenes, this was still the best episode of Season 2. More gushing, and some questions, after the jump… Keep reading »

Chanel’s New Beauty Ambassadors—Who Are They?

Chanel just launched a new beauty ambassador program featuring five “It” girl representatives (Five was Mademoiselle’s favorite number, FYI.): Leigh Lezark, Jen Brill, Poppy Delevigne, Vanessa Traina, and Caroline Sieber. So, who are these ladies? Find out after the jump… [Style.com] Keep reading »

Britney Is Not Dead, Her Twitter Account Was Just Hacked.

As if last week weren’t traumatic enough, over the weekend, some jokester hacked into Britney Spears‘ TwitPic account (it isn’t owned by Twitter, but it’s used to turn pics into tweets) and claimed she was dead. “Britney has passed today,” read the message. “It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come.” Thank goodness it was bogus—what would we have done if we’d lost the King and Princess of Pop in the same week?!

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time someone busted into Britney’s account. And also this weekend, Ellen DeGeneres’ TwitPic account got hacked. [MTV] — Maybe the site is super vulnerable to impostors? After the jump, check out more celebrity fake-outs, mostly hilarious. Keep reading »

Raising A Child Without A Gender: Do Or Don’t?

A couple in Sweden is raising their child, named Pop, as an “it,” and say they are keeping the toddler’s gender a secret. This decision, they said, came from their “feminist” philosophy that gender is a social construct — they believe “it is cruel to bring a child into the world with a blue or pink stamp on their forehead.”

Keep reading »

Gallery: Get Twinkle Toes With Jeweled Sandals

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The 2009 BET Awards: The Good, Boring, And Horrendous Red Carpet Moments

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I won’t lie to y’all and say I watched the “BET Awards” last night because you know I was captivated by a great episode of “True Blood.” But I did check out the red carpet photos this morning, and I have to say I was unimpressed by most of what I saw. Some, like Melody Thornton (pictured), tried so hard to be avant-garde but ended up looking a hot mess. Others played it so safe they were boorrring. But at least there were a few celebs who donned perfect red carpet outfits.

Girl Talk: We’re Moving In Together—After Three Months

Gollum slithered around the picnic tables in a bald wig and a loincloth. Bilbo Baggins manned the barbecue. An elf with pointy ears asked if we had any veggie burgers.

My boyfriend, David, and I had not come dressed for the “Lord Of The Rings” theme for his family’s annual group vacation with their friends. But costumed or not, I knew I’d be under scrutiny: I’m the first woman he’d brought along to introduce to everybody in his 26 years of attending.

As Gollum lumbered by towards the card table full of key lime pies and cookie burgers, I turned to David and grinned. “Real love,” I said, “is spending the weekend with your parents and their friends when everyone is dressed like Hobbits.” He grinned back and we kissed.

Forty-eight hours later, David and I decided that we would move in together, waking up next to each other every morning and falling asleep together every night. Beginning our lives together this way felt like the right thing to do.

But did I mention we’ve only been dating for two months? Keep reading »

Heels And Bikinis, Sexy Or Skanky?

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A photo of Lindsay Lohan from this past weekend at the Wet Republic pool celebrating her birthday got me thinking—I can’t stand the swimsuit and sky-high-heel look. I understand, of course, why someone would want to wear heels when they are showing that much skin, but, seriously now, it looks ree-diculous. Check out these stars rocking the heels and swimsuit look, and tell me, sexy or skanky?
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