Quick Pic: The Lakers Toy With Justin’s Emotions

[Los Angeles, 5/19/09]
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Top 10 Alternatives To The Word “Boyfriend”

Dating in high school is dramatic: He kissed her? I thought he liked me! Will he tell all his friends if we go to second base? If I ask him to the dance, does that mean we’re dating? And if we’re dating, is he my boyfriend? Keep reading »

Girl Crushing: Julia Dales, Beat Boxing Champion

Julia Dales, 17, from somewhere in Canada, is our new hero. She wanted to score the wild cart slot in a beat boxing competition, so she made this video, and it worked. [Boing Boing] Keep reading »

Oh, The Questions We Have For Female Astronauts

Space mission. Space station. Space junk. We’re proud of space-loving astronaut Megan McArthur, who’s on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis with six dudes. The ship’s mission is to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, and as chief robotics officer Megan used the shuttle’s 50-foot robotic arm to release the Hubble back into orbit. No one will see it again until 2010. [CNET] Keep reading »

Buggin’ Out: Insect Jewelry And Shoes

ants necklace2 051909 g10 jpg
We’re not exactly bug lovers. We’ll tolerate a ladybug, butterfly, and sometimes even a dragonfly. But we absolutely fell in love with this Ants Necklace by Netherlands designer Ineke Otte. The only problem? We couldn’t find a site where we could purchase it in a language we can read. To satisfy our current insect obsession, we found other cool jewelry that features bugs at their best — dead, fake, or bejeweled.

Quick Vid: Bikini-Clad Woman Arrested After High Speed Chase

No Shirt, no shoes, big problem! After a long day of swimming and drinking, West coaster Annette Hurd was involved in a little accident. Rather than stop her vehicle, she fled the scene. And drove more than 50 miles before stopping. Even with police cars and helicopters tailing her. Why? “I was worried about losing my dog,” she says.

Reaching speeds of 100 mph, this high-speed chase ended in Sacramento when police used a patrol car to ram Hurd’s sweet ride to a stop. (And by “sweet,” we mean she was driving a Geo Tracker. Hottt.) This chick jumped out of her car, wearing no shoes and a pink tankini, and threw herself, mullet and all, onto the pavement. She was handcuffed and carted away. [AOL]

Looks like her dog had to spend the night alone after all.
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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: OctoMom The Musical

First came “Coctomom,” the porno inspired by Nadya Suleman. Now Nadya’s going to be immortalized in a musical. That’s right, OctoMom the Musical” is in the works. And it’s gonna be quite a production. People in the first two rows of will get soaked during the delivery scene, and babies will fly over the audience. After the jump, the reasons this musical is pregnant with failure. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Whitney Port Loves Her Some Jeggings

Whitney Port is the bravest girl we know. She is the first person we’ve seen try the jean-legging combo. While she’s thin enough that they don’t look bad, we wonder if they’re cutting off her circulation. [LA, 5/19/09] Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Can A Woman Be Bad In Bed?

Most people like to think of themselves as good in bed. Sometimes, they can be very, very wrong. It’s pretty easy to spot a guy who’s crap in the sack — he jackhammers, he doesn’t hit any of the right spots, he’s like an octopus — but what do guys find so awful they’d consider a woman a bad lay? I mean, don’t they always get off? And if so, isn’t that pretty good? I went to the boys to find out. Shockingly enough, they answered this one readily, and they all agreed on one key thing: If you aren’t into it, they aren’t either. Keep reading »

The Meanest Things Women Say To Men

A few men have hurt our feelings with their words, but guys aren’t the only ones to verbally abuse. We thought it would be fair to come clean about the meanest things we’ve said to the opposite sex. All our statements were completely provoked and deserved for some reason or another, OK? Keep reading »

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