8 Celebrities Who Had Awesome Excuses To Miss Premieres Or Parties

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Ewan McGregor missed the premiere to his new movie “I Love You Phillip Morris,” which also stars Jim Carrey. Apparently, McGregor planned on coming to the premiere, but he was in Thailand, where he is filming a movie about a tsunami, and he got trapped there because of a monsoon. Yeah, that’s a pretty awesome excuse not to go anywhere … between the monsoons and the tsunamis, there is really no one to blame! You can’t make this stuff up. [NY Daily News]

We rounded up a few other celebs who had awesome reasons to miss premieres or parties!

Dear Wendy: “Should I Pursue A Long-Distance Relationship Or Move On Already?”

I have been talking to this guy for a few months now. We were good friends in college and reconnected via Facebook and upgraded our flirtatious banter to texting and phone calls. He lives about four hours away from me (I realize this is not really that long distance considering you moved across the country for a guy). We have each visited each other once in the last two months. Both of us have spoken candidly about wanting to date but it’s always under the pretext of “if you lived here.” He’s asked me to move in with him numerous times, and while I know I wouldn’t do that on a whim, I would be willing to do long-distance for a little while to see how compatible we are and then in, like, a year revisit the idea of moving. Should I give up and move on? Or should I try to talk to him about it? I can’t imagine losing anything by telling him how I feel, even if he says absolutely no to long-distance, then I’ll know for sure that we should stop talking, right? – Feeling Lost

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At The Boys’ Club: She Can’t Orgasm

Over at AskMen.com, the guys have spent some time considering why some women are unable to reach orgasm. Certainly, it’s a common question that Sex with Steph hears all the time. So if you can’t orgasm, you’re having trouble reaching climax, or your girl is challenged when it comes to scoring the big O, find out why. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Forget Sisters, It’s My Brother Who Keeps Me Sane

When we were kids, my younger brother Greg drove me bonkers. His favorite activity was lying like a corpse on my bed while I screamed, “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!” until I finally dragged him into the hallway. He also liked hiding, then jumping out and scaring me. He wailed like a cat in an imitation of my singing in the shower. I found out he read my diary. (How? By reading his.)

But we were still fiercely protective of each other, especially as the only Chinese kids in a neighborhood rampant with racism, and as we got older, we became more friends than squabbling siblings, banding together against our nagging parents and their disapproval of our non-traditional pursuits (book writing for me, screenwriting for him). But it was when I was going through the toughest time in my life that Greg became not just my ally but my voice of reason, my Cassandra, the one person I knew who was unafraid to tell me the truth. Keep reading »

Not Ya Mama’s Christmas Ornament

This holiday weekend, we’ll be getting our Christmas tree up. Yay! But gurl, just because we like some traditions, doesn’t mean we want our 5-foot fir looking like everyone else’s. So, this year, we’re skipping bland plastic balls and grabbing a bunch of bad ass handmade ceramic ornaments by Edwards Pottery AKA Etsy seller HeartherLEdwards123. Our fave are these skull and cross bone cuties. Plus, she’s also crafted awesome owls, adorable kittens, and bitchin’ bones. But the best part is, after the holidaze, you can still show off these super cool ceramic pieces by wearing them as a statement necklace. Bonus!

10 Celebrity Dudes Flashing Nip

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The celebrity ladies get all sorts of attention when they have a nip slip (accidentally or on purpose). But the men? Crickets chirping. This leads me to my theory that men are desperate for us to notice their nips. Has anyone else noticed all the man-flashing going on lately? Like Bryan Cranston’s photo in GQ’s Men of the Year spread. He’s begging for us to worship his nipple, practically calling on us to suckle it. Feeling ignored? Don’t worry, Bryan, we see it and we adore it. [BuzzFeed]

After the jump, some more celeb dudes desperate to have their nipples noticed.

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