Sexy Lingerie Gifts For Your Partner To “Unwrap” (Heh, Heh)

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Many of us at The Frisky can attest to the following: guys go nuts for lingerie they can untie, unwrap, or unravel. Remarkably, this action is much more understandable to them than undoing a bra hook or taking off a garter belt. And while bow and tie-laden lingerie may effectively turn you into the holiday present (and put you in a slightly objectified position) … it can also be downright sexy. Check out some picks, after the jump!

Disneyland Is Basically A Giant Graveyard

The scariest scenario I could imagine as a child—besides swimming in the middle of a large body of water alone in the dark—was being trapped at Disneyland alone riding the rides. I don’t know if I had an over-active imagination or what, but I was pretty creeped out by all those pirates, ghosts, and animals. They definitely came to life after everyone left. Even as an adult, Disneyland still irks me. There is some strange dark, energy lurking just beneath “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Turns out Disneyland has some skeletons in its closet. Keep reading »

10 Stars Who Followed Up Oscar-Caliber Movies With Stinkers

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Natalie Portman is getting a lot of Oscar buzz for her performance in “Black Swan.” And while the young actress certainly deserves the attention for the mind-bending role, we’re a little concerned that a doozy of a movie is about to hit theaters that might distract critics from her performance in the ballet thriller. Her rom-com “No Strings Attached,” also starring Ashton Kutcher, is coming out right before the Oscars. Sometimes when this kinda thing happens, it makes the stronger performance seem like a fluke and can cost an actor precious Academy votes. [PopEater]

After the jump, other stars who followed up an Oscar-caliber role with a total dud.

Khloe Kardashian Compares TSA Procedures To Rape

Over the weekend, I flew from NYC to San Diego for my grandma’s funeral. On the way there, my brother and I both had to be sent through the TSA’s new screening and pat-down checks, while my mom had to deal with both on the way back. Personally, I wasn’t bothered by the procedure. I found it slowed down the security process, but I didn’t feel violated in any way. I stood in front of the scanner, held my arms above my head, and the machine sent the scan (which exposed my bra and underroos, I guess?) upstairs to some security person, who then told the security officer downstairs where on my person to double check for suspicious objects. A friendly lady did a little light frisking and three minutes later I was on my way to my gate. No biggie. But Khloe Kardashian didn’t have such a laid-back experience or reaction to a recent scan and pat-down. She told George Lopez on “Lopez Tonight” that the new TSA procedures are akin to rape. Keep reading »

15 Celebrity Slobs

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It’s one thing to try to roll around incognito—a hat and glasses usually do the trick. It’s another to look like a complete and utter slob. Ya know, unbrushed hair, mismatched clothes, shoelaces untied — the works. Of course, sometimes I throw on some crappy ol’ sweat pants and busted Uggs to grab a cup of coffee in my hood, but if I knew there would be even the remotest of possibilities that I would be photographed by paps, you bet my ass I would take an extra five minutes to make myself semi-presentable. Click through to see some embarrassingly sloppy celebs.

Guess The Yoga-Practicing Motorcyclist!

Who likes to weave fast through traffic and then organize his chakras or whatever in a super relaxing yoga sesh? Find out after the jump! [Crushable] Keep reading »

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