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Shania Twain Explains Why She Blames The Other Woman More Than Her Husband For Her Divorce

"I cannot hold my husband responsible for the breakdown of our marriage. I'm responsible for that also. The fact that the marriage broke down is nobody's fault—that's just a mutual breakdown of communication between two people. But with Marie-Anne, she was my best friend and it was like, 'Oh, isn't life great.' She kept reestablishing… More »

Katy Perry Classes It Up For Vanity Fair

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 4, 2011
Katy Perry posed for Annie Liebovitz on the June cover of Vanity Fair and I must admit I’m not used to seeing her in such a "normal" look. Sedate makeup? (For her.) Check. Sedate outfit? (For her.) Check. Eyebrow-raising quotes about Planned Parenthood, her evangelical parents, and her boobs? Ah, yes, those are right inside. More »

10 Celebrity Family Members Who Cashed In With Tell-Alls

Is There A Sex Toy Double Standard?

I have ... hold on, let me count ... five vibrators. While I don't flaunt them -- i.e., they're not laying out on my bedside table for guests to ogle -- I don't pretend not to have them. I am an empowered woman! I masturbate! I am the master of my own orgasm! Roar! Or… More »

Lily Allen’s Dad Made Conspiracy Theory Film About Princess Diana’s Death

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 4, 2011
Awhile ago, Lily Allen took to Twitter in a huff to complain she was not invited to the royal wedding, but it's probably just as well. See, Lily Allen's father, the comedian Keith Allen, produced and directed a conspiracy theory "documentary" called "Unlawful Killing" that alleges Prince Charles and the rest of the royal family… More »