Happy Passover From The Matzoh People

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 19, 2011
The leader of the Matzoh People's tribe, Matzohckerberg, told me to wish all the Jews out there a very happy Pesach and requested that I post such sentiments on Facebook. [Buzzfeed]… More »

10 Flirtation Killers

By: Beth Ames / April 19, 2011
Ladies, I'm sure you have experienced this before. You are having a perfectly good flirtation session with a perfectly hot guy when all of a sudden … he ruins everything. The other night, I was at a party, talking with a guy I found extremely attractive and cool. We were wrapping up the conversation, about… More »

Kate Moss Dreams Of Bunny Men

By: Julie Gerstein / April 19, 2011
Who can know what motivates our unconscious desires? I mean, even supermodel Kate Moss has freaky-deaky dreams, according to fashion line Basement. In this ad for the Chilean fashion company, Moss seduces a giant bunny man and wakes up surrounded by hundreds of tiny white rabbits. As you do. [Stylelist]… More »

Should There Be A Domestic Abuser Registry?

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 19, 2011
If a new bill introduced in New York goes through, people convicted of domestic violence or stalking would be required to register with a Domestic Violence Offender Database. Anyone convicted of a felony domestic violence offense against a family or household member would be required to join the registry, which would identify the school… More »

In Defense Of Chick Lit

By: Jamie Beckman / April 19, 2011
Jennifer Egan is one of my favorite authors of all time. I devour her books, care about her characters, and recommend her novels to anyone looking for a good, meaty read. I was thrilled that her latest, A Visit from the Goon Squad, a novel about the ravages of time on characters working in the… More »

Sexual Predator Pretends To Be A Mannequin

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 19, 2011
A British man discovered the hard way that dressing as a mannequin and hiding out in a ladies' mall bathroom is not such a fantastic plan. Joel Hardman, 22, got caught sneaking around a loo wearing a mannequin costume complete with a mask and a wig. His plan was to take footage of the unsuspecting… More »