Men’s Fitness’ 25 Fittest Guys: The Ones We Recognize

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Rafael Nadal, Tennis Player

We don’t really go for the athletic type of man, so it should come as no surprise that we didn’t recognize half of Men’s Fitness25 Fittest Guys. This is the first time the magazine has compiled this list, so they didn’t just look for fit men in the United States, but went all over the globe. Click through for more eye candy.

Twitter Tirades: Stars — They Tweet Like Us!

Reading celebrity Twitters is like flipping to US Weekly‘s “They’re Just Like Us!” section. They whine about bad TV, do battle with technology, and wonder what other people think of them. This week, Nicole Richie’s Blackberry broke, John Mayer was busy, James Franco saw “Star Trek”, Samantha Ronson watched MTV, Karl Lagerfeld tried to make us feel better about buying his clothes, and Mindy Kaling may or may not have gone to Paris for a boob job. Keep reading »

Save Blossom and ’90s Fashion!

Remember “Blossom“, the ’90s sitcom featuring a single dad, his quirky teen, and her closet of floral dresses and hats? Children of the era will forever look to Blossom as a past fashion icon, so we couldn’t help but gasp when we heard that Mayim Bialik, the show’s star, is now set to appear on an episode of “What Not to Wear.” It looks like Mayim is still walking around in flowy dresses and braids, and we’d like to say, more power to her! Here’s how to get the Blossom look—albeit slightly updated. Wear those Doc Martens with pride! Keep reading »

Gallery: Men We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing In Skirts

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Even in these “Tough Economic Times,” guys are willing to pay a pretty penny for a skirt that shapes that ass just right. (More like 130,000 pennies, actually.) How else do you explain the quick selling out of Thom Browne’s man skirt on Gilt Groupe just the other day? Though it was marked down significantly from its usual $4,370 price point, $1,300 is still quite a lot to pay for a male pencil skirt.

We take this to mean that the Mirt is officially cool now. Though the man skirt has a long history, Marc Jacobs revived the Mirt’s popularity when he showed the sartorially questionable creation on his runway last spring. But we’re wondering which other men will catch on and show some gam. There are a few in particular who we totally wouldn’t mind seeing in a garment with such easy access…

Like Will Smith. Mother of god, that man looks good in anything. We’d probably prefer him naked, but he makes that printed skirt look damn fine.

Why Guys Hate Date Movies

Allow me to make three outrageous assumptions, so I don’t have to keep saying “Of course, not all women…” and “That being said, some men…” and so forth. Here goes: 1) Women love romantic movies. 2) Men love action movies. 3) Men love women, and women, for some reason, love men. Keep reading »

Will Danica Patrick Win The Indy 500 This Weekend?

Danica Patrick made history last year when she became the first lady to win an IndyCar series, during a race in Japan. Now, the 27-year-old is hoping to drive home a much bigger win at the Indy 500 tomorrow. According to folks in the know, “The Indy 500 is the most important in the series and takes about three and one-half hours of all-out driving.” Translation: Crossing the finish line first would give Patrick the driving credentials to justify all the media attention and magazine covers she’s gotten over the years. Here’s why we’re thinking Patrick has what it takes…
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Offensive Or Not? Murray’s Pomade Features The Obamas

Nothing says ‘I Love My President’ like a tin of pomade. At least, that’s what the folks at Murray’s must have been thinking when they debuted the ‘Murray’s for Obama’ specialty tin, which is filled with their legendary hair pomade and conditioner. The orange-red can is stamped with a drawing of President and first Lady Obama rocking some pretty classic ‘fros. We totally love Murray’s—that s**t works, but we wonder if they took too much liberty with the Obamas likeness.

Well, whether it’s perceived as cool or too caricature-like, it is for a good cause. The collectors item sells online for up to $4 or $7 bucks a pop, depending on size and a portion of the proceeds goes to support charities. In the eighty-plus years the company has been around this is the first time they have created a custom product for a sitting president. So maybe it is a stylin’ honor. [Murrays]
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Adam Lambert: “American Idol” Loser, Fashion Winner

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Quickies! Gisele Bunchen May Be Preggers (With One Hot Baby)!

  • Gisele Bundchen has allegedly told friends she is pregnant. [Perez Hilton]
  • Porn star Stormy Daniels has revealed plans to run for Louisiana Senate. Supposedly, “Stormy’s real world experience and special understanding of the economic hardships facing Louisianans and Americans make her uniquely qualified to take on the tough challenges we face.” [Politics Daily] — Does uniquely mean sexually?
  • Michael Moore has yet another documentary coming out. The topic? Economic meltdown. [Daily News] — Here’s hoping you can afford to go!
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    Brazil Fashion Week Mandates Shows Cast Black Models

    Complaints about under representation of African-American models in the fashion world isn’t just limited to the United States: Sao Paulo Fashion Week has been involved in a squabble regarding race after an investigation found that last year’s event showcased only eight black models among a total of 344. (FYI—Brazil has more people of African descent than anywhere outside of Africa, with almost half of the population either black or of mixed race.)

    An agreement has been reached just in time for Brazil Fashion Week —which starts next month—mandating that fashion companies use 10 percent of models of African or indigenous descent. It’s a serious measure for designers, especially smaller companies, who would have to ante up as much as $120,000 if found not in compliance. [BBC] Keep reading »

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