Panties That Make Your Pubic Area Appear Well-Groomed

Sometimes a gal wakes up and realizes she has a specialty in life. In the journalism world, they call that a “beat.” And apparently, weird panties are my beat. Last week, I told you about panties with built-in liners which ensure your period — even when menstrual blood is leaking in your drawers — is a sexy time. Today, I am all about underwear which allow you to test out a new pubic hair design before having it ripped out from the root by your trusted waxer. Trim & Proper panties are basic nude cotton panties with little, suggestive pubic hair designs on the front. Also, according to the About Us page, these panties “cover mishaps, misshapes and outright neglect,” which I guess is why they’re nude-colored? So that from far away you look naked and well-groomed? But to whom? Peeping Toms? I am confused. But at least these are cheaper than the panties that soak up your period leakage. [$16, Trim & Proper] Keep reading »

Playing Stylist: Stars And The Designers They Should Be Wearing

what stars should wear g1 jpg
It’s not often that one has the opportunity to play stylist — but some of the lines shown during Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Week really seemed to conjure up certain celebrities. We took a look at the collections with an eye toward what celebs we might like to see in the clothes. After the jump, check out our pairings, and tell us if you think we got it right.

What Justin Bieber Looks Like When He’s Flirting WIth Rihanna

Not gonna lie — it looks like Justin Bieber and Rihanna might be having a bit of an awkward convo at last night’s NBA All-Star Game. RiRi just wants to finish texting whatever hottie is blowing up her phone now, while Biebs is trying to put on the smoothest moves in his 16-year-old repertoire but ends up just grinning at her all dopey-like. It’s okay Justin. I think she gets that a lot. Keep reading »

Radio Station Contest Gives Away Mail Order Bride As Prize

Wash your eyes after reading this post: A New Zealand radio station is on blast from human rights groups, the international community, and the entire Ukraine for announcing a “Win a Wife” contest on Valentine’s Day in which the winner is flown to Eastern Europe, with interpreters, of course, to meet the mail-order bride of his dreams. The Rock FM — whose charming tagline is “Bands, Babes, Balls ‘n Bull” — will let the guy choose a woman from the database of Endless Love, an online “matchmaking” service between Ukrainian women and Kiwi men. After two teleconferences and as much instant messaging as they can handle — all translated for free, of course — they will then fly him from New Zealand to Ukraine on March 23 with a dozen roses, 12 nights of accommodation, and $2,000 spending money.

You know, I would be more offended by this if it didn’t sound so much like the plot of “The Bachelor.” Keep reading »

8 Questionable Red Carpet Commentators

commentator camille grammer jpg
So, we won’t have the joy of Camille Grammer on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But apparently, our favorite love-to-hate-her housewife will be beaming into our living rooms on Oscar night. CNN has hired Camille to be a fashion and celebrity commentator for their pre-show, “Showbiz Tonight: Road to the Gold.” They will be putting her on the red carpet before the big show to interview and comment on what stars are wearing as they arrive. “I’m pumped, I’m psyched, I’m so excited,” says Camille. “This will be the thrill of a lifetime for me. Everything about the Oscars is amazing.” [Huffington Post]

CNN chose Camille because “she calls it like she sees it.” But maybe they forgot that she’s kind of a mean girl who doesn’t play well with others, particularly those of the female variety. Frankly, we’re a little scared to see her interviews. After the jump, more questionable characters who’ve served as award show commentators.

Beyonce Tells Jay-Z A Sexy Secret

Whenever I see celebrity couples whispering to each other, I like to imagine they’re saying something really, really filthy. For example, the thing that popped into my head when I first glimpsed this photo of Beyonce whispering in hubby Jay-Z‘s ear at the NBA All-Star Game, was, ahem: “I’d like to slam dunk your balls, Jay. Into my mouth.” I am so immature. Keep reading »

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