Ice, Ice Baby: Katharina Ludwig’s Ice Jewelry

Sporting ice—as in “bling”—is one thing. Sporting real ice is another.

If you’re into the latter, check out Katharina Ludwig’s work, which incorporates jewelry and ice. A recent graduate of the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ludwig’s creations are meant to be evanescent; the ice rings, necklaces, and earrings melt slowly. Yet, in their original form (if only for a few minutes, especially in the summer heat), they appear like beautiful rocks attached to gold fixtures and chains. While at first this would seem like a poor investment, the jewelry comes with molds so you can re-freeze the designs again and again. The real question is: Are you up for a wet t-shirt contest? Or would you rather just keep cool? [] Keep reading »

Celebrity Airport Style: From Plain Busted To Poshed Out

Celebrity Airport Style: From Plain Busted To Poshed Out
What’s the one time celebs are without their glam squads? Walking through the airport after a long flight.

Flying, with its dry air and never-comfortable seats, is the great beauty and style equalizer. We caught a few of Hollywood’s most put-together stars looking, well, normal.

Need proof? Just check out Lily Allen and Blake Lively, pillows in tow, heading to baggage claim—from their bedhead, looks like they actually caught some zzzzzzz’s at 39,000 feet up.

Fashion Crimes Committed On The High Seas

yacht thumbnail jpg


New Opera Stinks, Literally

Ever wonder what music smells like? Just ask Christophe Laudamiel and Stewart Matthew, perfumers who are at work creating a “scent opera” called “Green Aria.” Except in this case, there are no singers or actors; fragrances serve as the characters. As the listener takes in the original score composed by Valgeir Sigurdsson and Nico Muhly, a “scent microphone” placed near each seat blasts odors to accompany the music.

During the experience, the darkened room will be filled with flavors like Crunchy Green, “a fresh, watery smell,” and Magma, which reeks of tar. While you won’t get Chanel No. 5 or Marc Jacobs Daisy wafting pleasantly into your nostrils, the purpose of the duo’s scent-sational opera will be familiar to women on the hunt for their signature scent. “The real challenge,” asks Laudamiel, “is how do you give a scent meaning?” [Wall Street Journal]

“Green Aria” will be at the Guggenheim, beginning May 31. Keep reading »

Sliding Scale: Seersucker & Strappy Sandals

Seersucker: it’s crisp, it’s WASPy and it’s the perfect print to wear as you chase the Kennedy grandkids out of your heirloom tomato patch. Or pretend to, at least. Anyone and everyone can wear seersucker—ideally with no small amount of irony. Here’s four looks we like:

  1. Perfect your “I feel for the working class” face underneath this sappy newsboy cap. (No one needs to know you actually are the working class.) [$19.50, Gap]
  2. This summer you’ll need a cotton cocktail dress—just be warned Grandmother may not approve of that halter top. Really, what would the Junior League think? [$26.99, Charlotte Russe]
  3. A pink one-piece with a flirty flower at the breastbone is the perfect bathing suit for sunbathing on the dock. [$76, J.Crew]
  4. Nothing says preppy like a blazer, especially one with three-quarter sleeves. It’s ideal for buttoning up over last night’s walk of shame outfit—oops!—when you simply must make an appearance at the lawn games on Sunday. [$89, L.L.Bean]

Images from,, and Keep reading »

Slideshow: These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Flats

viking studded top shopf jpg
I’m sick of seeing grandma flats. You know what I’m talking about. They’re awkward and thick-soled with an utter lack of highly sensual toe cleavage, and they are practically inescapable. I see them on the subway; they assault me on the street. Girls in perfectly cute dresses ruin everything with icky flats, and we won’t stand for it anymore. Take a gander at these quite adorable flats and refuse to wear those nasty clunkers ever again. [$44, Topshop]

“Fat” And Happy: Celebs In Love

fat and happy slide 1 jpg
Recent photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in Cannes have loads of people chattering—about her weight. (Yeah, yeah, a new topic of conversation!) Here’s my beef: Why don’t we all just leave Mariah alone? She’s married, smiling all the time, on vacation in the south of France and totally freaking happy. So, she gained a few. Big deal. It happens when you’re in love and don’t want to schlep yourself out of a warm bed at 5:30 a.m. and hit the gym (even if your gym is right downstairs and your trainer lives with you). We always seem to jump on celebrities the second they gain some extra poundage, here’s a novel thought—let’s actually be happy that they’re happy, right?

If You Have to Grill, You Should At Least Look Good Doing It

Memorial Day Weekend is upon is and we’re more excited about the barbecue bit than anything else. While I definitely won’t be doing any cooking —I’m prone to burning myself in even the safest of situations—I definitely will be standing near the grill decked out in my cooking finest looking like I could be of use. It’s a tricky and foolproof plan.

Join me, won’t you? Keep reading »

Hey There, Sailor: The Best Pin-up Girl Looks For Fleet Week

Hey there, sailor…it’s Fleet Week in NYC! It’s that time of year when even girls who swear they don’t dig dudes in uniform realize they are hard-pressed to resist the all American charm of nautical men.

If you are so inclined to do your patriotic duty and show one of these boys around town, we do not suggest wearing nautical-themed clothes. A night out on the town with a sailor while wearing a nautical outfit is a bit too much camp, even for us. This year we are thinking that a blast from the past of the best pin-up girl looks from the ’50s are the best bet for setting sea-faring hearts aflutter. Keep reading »

Gingham: Your Uniform For Memorial Day Weekend Barbecues

gingham clothes g11 jpg
This weekend, I’m going to a couple barbecues. I’m usually the odd girl out at these kinds of things, because I can’t eat whatever meats on the grill, so I’m gonna try to fit in by wearing another cookout staple: gingham.
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