Wait, They Dated? 12 Surprising Celebrity Odd Couples

By: The Frisky / July 5, 2011

Saudi Woman Challenges Her Dad Over Male Guardianship Law

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 5, 2011

Imagine that you could not travel or go to school without your dad’s permission. You need him, your brother, or a male driver to take you anywhere you want to go in a car. He even has a say in who you get to marry.

This is life under Saudi Arabia’s guardianship law… More »

Lily Allen Thinks American Celebs Aren’t Normal, Abuse Adderall

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 5, 2011

“I wasn’t eating … [I was] going out at night. I guess when you’re not eating you have to distract yourself with other things. Come three o’clock it was like, ‘Oh I suppose it’s acceptable to have a glass of wine.’ And then by four o’clock I would have had four glasses. It’s not the… More »

The Good, The Bad & The Meh Of Celebrity 4th Of July Weekend Style

By: Annika Harris / July 5, 2011

Woman Claims She Was “Driven Out” Of Harrod’s Job For Not Wearing Makeup

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 5, 2011

A 24-year-old sales clerk at Harrod’s resigned two weeks ago because she claims the famous London department store was trying to force her to wear makeup. Melanie Stark has been employed at Harrod’s for five years, during which she never wore makeup. She even claims she didn’t wear makeup on her job interview at age… More »

Style By Jury: Do You Like Evan Rachel Wood’s New Pixie Cut?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 5, 2011

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