The Good, Bad & WTF Fashions At The Gotham Independent Film Awards

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Last night, celebs gathered in New York for the Gotham Independent Film Awards and celebrated independent films with some, um, independent style statements. Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Winona Ryder and others proved that not all black dresses are created equal. And some celebs wore some truly terrible fashion.

After the jump, we give you the good, bad, and totally weird from last night’s event.

All Matt Damon Wants For Christmas Is …

Matt Damon is as hot as he is concerned about cleaning drinking water. What a babe! So, to help his charity raise funds around the holidays, he made this adorbs ad showing off his crappy Christmas presents from years past. (Warning: If you are a Snuggie fetishist, this is sweet, sweet porn.) Anyway, instead of buying crap for the people you love, why not buy this rad water bottle which gives 100 percent of its profits to the charity? Good idea, great internet vid. [Bitten And Bound]
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The Tiniest Turkey Vultures Enjoy A T-Day Treat

Flat-faced cats merrily attacking a turkey leg. What’s not to love? [BuzzFeed]
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Shopping Guide: Cool Judaica To Pimp Your Hanukkah

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Confession: I am a bad Jew. I kind of forgot about Hanukkah. Granted, being away from my family on the holiday might have had something to do with it, but I’m normally pretty pumped for Hanukkah. (Eight nights of presents! Take that, Christmas Tree People!). Confession #2: I’m one of those Jews who really likes Christmas, too. (Yes.) So I’ve already been a traitor to my people, blasting Christmas music for three nights in a row now. Oops! At least we Jews don’t get coal for being bad? If you’re prepping for the holiday, or need to make up for lost time (like me), check out these cool Judaica items to get you in the Hanukkah spirit!

TSA Body Search Inspires Love

While most of us are dreading invasive TSA searches at the airport, one guy in Reno loved his enough to post a Missed Connection on Craigslist. Pretty sad that a TSA full-body pat down is the only action this guy is getting. Should someone email him and let him know that the dude who cupped his nuts was just doing his job? Or was he? [Yasrsly] Keep reading »

Khloe Kardashian Talks About Statutory Rape

I think it’s really brave of Khloe Kardashian to talk about losing her virginity at age 14 on “The Joy Behar Show.” She says she was pressured by her 18-year-old boyfriend. Ahem, statutory rape. Khloe admits that for three years after the experience, she felt too uncomfortable with her body to have sex. While these things are difficult to talk about, especially publicly, I’m glad she did. There’s this gray area of sexual experience for young women that can be so confusing—when the sex is consensual, but coerced. It’s hard to put into words, but Khloe does it well and I think a lot of young girls will relate. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, plays too bashful to talk about sex. She thinks it’s “super personal.” Yet, she’s famous from a sex tape. Lame, Kim. Lame. [CNN] Keep reading »

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