Who Did It Best? Actors Who’ve Played The Same Roles

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“Snow White” is soooooo hot right now. There are currently two big-budget movie versions of the story in the works, and two women of high pedigree are being courted to play the role of the Evil Queen. So who do you think will deliver the line “Mirror, mirror on the wall” with more gusto—Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron? Julia is in negotiations to play the poison apple-wielding role in “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White,” which will be directed by Tarsem Singh of “The Fall.” Meanwhile, Charlize is being looked at for “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” which some think will be a romantic reinterpretation of the classic story. I’m kind of split on who would make the better Evil Queen. Both ladies are Oscar winners, but I personally think Charlize is far more interesting and can go sinister more easily. Then again, Julia is a little bit older and seems more believable as a woman jealous of the youngest, hottest new thing in town. But would she be able to tame the smile long enough to be believably mean? Yeah, you’re right—I’m all for Charlize on this one. [Moviefone]

Interestingly, in Hollywood it often happens that two very similar movies are made at the exact same time. Here are some other actors who played the same role and our picks for who pulled it off better. And the Frisker (Frisky + Oscar = Frisker) goes to …

Natalie Portman Eats — She Swears!

“I swear, I eat. I ate a bagel an hour ago. … I consume my own weight in hummus every day. I cook a lot, and I even do vegan baking. I like pleasure, I like joy. I’d never get to the point where I would starve or injure myself like [my character] Nina does. I’m the opposite—when I’m hungry, I eat, and I always make sure I’m eating something delicious.”

Natalie Portman, brand new Golden Globe nominee for her role in “Black Swan” in which she dropped 20 pounds from her already petite frame to play a prima ballerina, assures Vogue she does not share her character’s unhealthy eating disorders. That’s great, but as much as vegan Portman says she likes joy, she can’t be experiencing it to the maximum if she’s not allowing herself some cheese now and then. It’s what makes the world go ’round! [via Daily Mail] Keep reading »

5 Fun Holiday Nail Art Tutorials

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Mind Of Man: What Men Want For Christmas

Men would rather give than receive. Keep this in mind, ladies, as you freak out, panic, and wring your hands over what to get your beloved for Christmas. Around this time of year, I offer my services to various female friends who are all on maddening quests to buy their boyfriends and their husbands the perfect gift. These women are driven partly out of love, and partly because they feel they have to top the gifts their husbands and boyfriends have gotten them in the past. These gifts were, of course, exactly what the women wanted, and they were either cleverly hidden or extravagantly wrapped.

The secret to buying a woman the “perfect” gift, of course, is simple. You listen to her. Keep reading »

Hot Hockey Players Sing You A Christmas Tune

Generally, I despise Christmas music. I’m Grinch-y like that! But take Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” add several members of the Belfast Giants hockey team, and mix it all up in a lip dub, and I am one happy holiday camper. Apparently, the guys were trying to drum up ticket sales by creating this catchy video. I could probably do without the elf outfit, but the bulging biceps are a fine holiday gift this year. [BroBible] Keep reading »

Sleep: Your Number One Beauty Enhancer

File this away in the “No duh” study findings. Researchers in Stockholm have “discovered” that women look better when they have gotten plenty of sleep versus when they’re sleep-deprived. I know, shocking, right?! They made this amazing discovery by photographing 23 “healthy young adults” after eight hours of sleep and then again after only five hours. Keep reading »

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