Sexy Time: Bedroom Faux Pas

I think it’s safe to assume that after a few years of sexual activity, most people have a few “oh god” stories of bedroom disasters. These are the ones that make it into the “it doesn’t count” category. You know, when something happens that, you know, just shouldn’t have happened.

When you throw two naked and probably a little awkward (or drunk) young adults into a bed together, hilarity and embarrassing moments are sure to ensue. We’ve all experienced it, hell, we may have even been the perpetrators of some unappealing bedroom behavior.

So here it is, a list of the most frequently committed bedroom faux pas to be avoided by everyone. We all know accidents can happen, but let’s do our best to avoid them, shall we? Read more… Keep reading »

Brush Up On Your Sign Language

I’ve been meaning to brush up on my basic sign language. I had forgotten the international sign for “go to hell,” a hand motion I plan to use as often as possible. [Pleated Jeans] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 7 Proud Peacock-Inspired Pieces

peacock fashion g1 jpg
Peacocks are proud, showy animals who strut their colorful stuff. Spring is on the way, so come out of your dreary hibernation cave and show the world your plume. Peacock-inspired fashion and decor will boost your vitality and remind you that you are one hot bitch. Click through to see some sexy peacock-inspired items perfect for spring.

Newport News iCatalog App Makes Shopping Fun And Easy

newport news icatalog app 021711 m jpg
Spring is all about trying something new, even when it comes to shopping. Newport News and Spiegel have recently launched iCatalog apps for the iPad, making shopping fun and easy, especially on the go. You can shop from the app and share your favorite items with friends. Plus, the iCatalogs update automatically with new fashions. And speaking of new products, look for Spiegel’s four signature fabric collections done in seersucker, ponte knit, stretch sateen, and washed linen for spring. Newport news will feature ’70s style lace and crochet for spring, as well as, swimwear with built in shape-wear. You can download the free Newport News and Spiegel iCatalog apps here and here. Also, check out two of my favorite looks from both lines.

This Week In Terribleness: Woman Dies In Cubicle

Los Angeles woman, 51-year-old Rebecca Wells, died in her cubicle at work two Fridays ago. All of her co-workers left for the weekend without saying goodbye. “She was always working. Always working,” a co-worker said. It took an entire day before her body was discovered slumped over her desk at the Los Angeles County Department of Internal Services where she was an auditor. The cause of death is still unknown. I’m not trying to bring you all down. This is so depressing, I know. Think of this as motivation to quit your job if you hate it. Nobody deserves to die in their cubicle, nobody. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Elisabetta Canalis Has No Interest In Kids

“[Having babies has] never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs.”

Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney‘s girlfriend, shares with Italian Cosmopolitan that she isn’t interested in having kids. Guess she and George will be remaining rugrat-free. [People] Keep reading »

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