Ask The Man Panel: On The Fringe

This week, in response to a reader request to have the Man Panel review “something that normal people would actually wear,” I decided to get their thoughts on this fringed shawl cardigan from Forever 21. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the current blanket sweater trend, because it’s the next best thing to cutting two arm holes into your down comforter and wearing it to work (something I’ve considered on more than a few chilly mornings). But let’s see what the men had to say …
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Joy Behar To Judge The 2011 Miss America Pageant

Color me shocked: Joy Behar, the one co-host of “The View” who makes any damn sense, will be judging the 2011 Miss America pageant. Now, if the qualities needed to rate women in bikinis include not being a misogynist and a prescription pill addict, Joy Behar is a vast improvement over last year’s judge, Rush Limbaugh. Still, what is this woman thinking? Keep reading »

The Good, The Bad & The Meh Of The British Fashion Awards

british fashion awards 120810 g1 jpg
I expected the fashions at the British Fashion Awards to be on par with the Met Ball. Fashion’s elite, icons, and movers and shakers would come out in the season’s best ball gowns, cocktails dresses, and haute couture. But I was wrong! While some did understand that last night was their moment to show their best, others treated the event as if it were a casual garden party, in comparison, or a run-of-the-mill fashion event. I was not please with most of the red carpet looks, but there were some gems. Check out the fashions from the British Fashion Awards.

Style By Jury: Is Chloë Sevigny’s Swing Dress A Do Or A Don’t?

Is Chloë Sevigny's Swing Dress A Do Or A Don't?

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10 Animals Attacking On Christmas

Gisele Is The New Captain Planet

UN Goodwill Ambassador, mom, and model Gisele Bunchen is now also a cartoon environmental crime fighter. She is the star of a new web series for AOL Kids called “Gisele & The Green Team.” In it, she basically plays a girl version of Captain Planet, guiding the teens she works with at a clothing store to stop eco-disasters. Keep reading »

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