15 Stars Reveal Who Revs Their Sexual Engine

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Tracy Morgan caused a big stink last week when he said, “Now let me tell you something about Sarah Palin, man, she’s good masturbation material. The glasses and all that? Great masturbation material.” But he couldn’t control himself Sunday night at the SAG Awards, and he screamed on the red carpet, “Sarah Pain, you’re the hottest MILF in the world!” Turner, which aired the awards show, was quick to a release a statement about Tracy’s outburst. “It’s unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments. We apologize for any embarrassment or offense it may have caused.” [Huffington Post, NY Daily News]

Were Tracy’s comments crude? Sure. But I suspect that Tracy in a weird, kind-of-creepy way is trying to pay Sarah a compliment. And he’s not the first to cross the line. After the jump, more famous folks reveal their celebrity lust objects.

Quickies: Kacey Jordan Is A Combination Porn Star/Babysitter

  • Kacey Jordan, porn star pal of Charlie Sheen, claims she aborted a pregnancy a couple of years ago. Guess who the would-be father allegedly was? Kevin Federline, after his divorce from Britney Spears. Yes, the only way this story could get better is if it involves K-Fed. [The Superficial]
  • Kacey Jordan also told “Good Morning America” that Charlie Sheen wanted her to babysit his kids. But Denise Richards will have you know (via Twitter) that no “adult film actresses” would be babysitting her children. [TMZ, TMZ]
  • Denise Richards is also apparently turning down oodles in tell-all money. Good for her! [PopEater]

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Today’s Lady News: Wikipedia Is A Dickipedia

  • Less than 15 percent of users who edit Wikipedia’s content are women, which means the encyclopedia’s entries are likely presenting a gender-skewed version of the facts. Get online and start editing, ladies! [New York Times]
  • One hundred mothers staged a “nurse-in” in a Montreal mall after a woman was kicked out of a children’s clothing store (a children’s clothing store!) for breastfeeding her five-month-old baby. [Yahoo Shine]
  • “Pariah,” a flick about a black teen lesbian, got picked up at Sundance. [After Ellen
  • Here’s what you can do to stop the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act,” a scary bill redefining rape that I wrote about this morning. [Feministing]

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Study: Women Who Are Ovulating Buy Sexier Clothing

Despite human evolution, our primal thoughts and instinctive behaviors are still — though subconsciously — with us.

New research from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management found that when women are ovulating, they unknowingly buy and dress in more sexy clothing in a survival of the fittest tactic to beat out other women during this highly reproductive period.

Dr. Laura Corio, AOL women’s health expert, says that during ovulation several hormones are elevated in a woman’s body including estrogen, FSH, LH, as well as testosterone that increases libido. Read more… Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Pairs Of Look-At-Me Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings used to be my thing. I started wearing them freshman year of college, just before The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out. I remember that tiny detail because when the former Fugee’s album dropped and she suddenly was everywhere, I remember thinking, Hey. Lauryn Hill stole my look. Lauryn always had on a pair of sweet hoop earrings and, of course, she had been wearing them a lot longer than me. I started out smallish at first, with hoops that were under an inch in diameter. But like penis size, I began to believe, “The bigger the better.” By the time I graduated, my signature hoops were 3-inches across and I could fit my fist through them. They were hot.

I haven’t worn hoops with as much frequency in recent years, and I’m not sure why. On last night’s finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes was seen wearing a couple different pairs of awesome hoops and I realized that 2011 is the year I need to take the hoop earring back. Hoops, I have missed you. Let’s get back together. Here are 10 pairs of awesome hoops I found — feel free to join me in my reunion.

Behold: The Bacteria Living Inside Your Belly Button

We all get a little lint stuck in your belly buttons every now and again, but have you ever wondered if there was anything, uh, growing inside of it? Scientists at 2011 Science Online Conference took samples from the belly buttons of volunteers and displayed the bacteria growing inside them in these petri dishes. Interested in having your belly button bounty analyzed? They’re doing another sampling event February 12 at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Dare I say belly button bacteria is … beautiful? [Boing Boing] Keep reading »

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