Samantha Bee & Jason Jones Of “The Daily Show” Warn NY’s Newlywed Gay Couples About Marriage

Jessica Wakeman / July 27, 2011


Yup, even alongside smart-assery from Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, watching gay couples wed makes me tear up! The adorable “Daily Show” corresondents — a husband and wife duo of 10 years — were there on Sunday when same-sex marriage became legal in New York State; somebody had to warn these couple… More »

Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wears A Dribble Bib

Julie Gerstein / July 27, 2011

After the jump, three reasons why me and a dribble bib wearer should date. More »

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Evening Quickies: What Amy Winehouse’s Dad Said At Her Funeral

Jessica Wakeman / July 26, 2011

Today at Amy Winehouse’s funeral in London, the late singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, spoke. “Amy was the greatest daughter, family member and friend you could ever have,” the statement reads in part. “Recently Amy found love with [boyfriend] Reg [Traviss]. He helped her with her problems, and Amy was looking forward to their future… More »

Today’s Lady News: There Are All Types Of Feminists!

Jessica Wakeman / July 26, 2011

The different types of feminists that exist. [Thought Catalog]
North Carolina’s House of Representatives voted to override a veto by Gov. Beverly Perdue on a bill to restrict abortion rights. Perdue had vetoed the bill, which would require women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound of the fetus, hear a description of the… More »

Gene Simmons Proposes To Shannon Tweed

Tonight, if you venture to watch the season finale of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” you will see a very surprising final moment. Supposedly, Gene—who claims to have bedded 5,000 women and has said he would never get married—proposes to longtime partner Shannon Tweed, who he has been with for 28 years. While in vacation i… More »