Remote Control: “Burn Notice” Is Back, Plus The Other Shows You Won’t Want To Miss

Whoo, it’s summer! What better time to curl up in the A.C. and catch some boob tube. While “Weeds” isn’t back until next week (boo!) and “Mad Men” ain’t comin’ round ‘til August (double boo!), we’re going to have to make do with reality shows and beefcake cheese. Luckily, there’s much of both to go around. This week, hot guys get chased by fireballs, chase whales, and heal people. Oh and some celebs are stuck in the jungle again. Keep reading »

Ask The Astrosexologist: My Gemini Girlfriend Won’t Get Intimate

“I’m a Libra woman (10/01/85) dating a Gemini woman (05/30/86). We started as friends, but then developed an attraction to each other. I’m a lesbian, but she made all the first moves, even though she identified as straight. She introduced herself, gave me her phone number, invited me over, asked me to be her girlfriend, etc. I feel like I can’t trust her because she has a lot of guy ‘friends,’ some are closer then others. When I try to get intimate with her, she pulls away and says, ‘If I let you, that’s when things will get crazy and I’ll want you all the time.’

I’m a virgin and I feel like she is having sex with other people. I tried talking to her about it, but she says it’s not all about sex. She always talks about herself and hardly anyone knows we’re together. I like her a lot, but I feel she could care less, though she claims to. I’m lost. Help!” – Lost Libra Keep reading »

Bride Saves Family From House Fire While Still In Her Wedding Dress

Most of the time, we hear bad things about brides — they’re dressing their friends in unflattering polyester blends, or freaking out over a misplaced zinnia in a bouquet. But get ready for a bride who’s a real American hero. Last night, Georgette Clemons was leaving her wedding reception when she saw smoke coming from a nearby house. She ran in and saved an entire family, which included pulling a woman out from the heavy smoke who didn’t want to leave without her animals. By the time the firefighters arrived, Georgette was outside, folding up her blackened wedding dress. Okay, please tell me someone is starting a comic based around a bride superhero. Her garter belt could become a slingshot and her veil, a parachute! Seriously, we have a best-seller on our hands. [Yahoo!]
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Our Favorite Fashion From Disney Princesses

Princess Tiona photo


“What Not To Wear” Takes Mayim Bialik From A Wilted Flower To A “Blossom” Again

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly gave Mayim Bialik, the former star from “Blossom,” a makeover on “What Not To Wear” last Friday night and it looks like it turned out so cute!

At first we thought don’t you mess with Blossom. Those floral dresses! Those sunflower hats! We seriously wanted to look just like Blossom back in 5th grade.

But then we watched the clip above and realized, yeah, girlfriend’s closet has seen better days. As Clinton shrieked, “You’re TV royalty and you’re walking around town in this CRAP?!”

Can’t wait to catch the full episode on the TiVo! Keep reading »

Five Must Have Looks From The MTV Movie Awards

mtvawards ladies 6109 g jpg

Last night, the Mtv Movie Awards show was even better than a runway show. The hottest clothes were worn with more ‘tude than a Paris Hilton hissy fit. And I’m not just talking about fashionista Bruno, who wore angel wings and a jock strap like whaaaat. If you want to know what the kids are wearing, check out the five must-haves for summer according to the reining teen queens.

Is Loving On Laura Ashley So Wrong?

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Laura Ashley goods were de rigueur for girls’ bedrooms, while her fashions were the standard for garden parties. Over the years, the label has morphed into un cool momwear, and the U.K.’s Independent recently reminded buyers that Laura’s legacy is on the decline: Her Wales mansion needs some major care, and her children are at a crossroads with what to do with the place before it goes “Grey Gardens” style. Since this made us sad, we thought we’d check out (for the first time in 10 years) what Laura Ashley has to offer. Turns out, some of her womenswear is actually quite cute! Has the label undergone a redesign lately? There are still those floral dresses, but in the mix are some skirts with interesting shapes and accessories with some punch. Here, our favorite looks.

  1. This chevron-print kaftan is retro in a good way. [$86.98, Laura Ashley]
  2. Show off your curves in this tight, sexy dress. [$88.95, Laura Ashley]
  3. The perfect summer handbag. [$58.46, Laura Ashley]
  4. Turn up the prep with this tennis-inspired skirt. [$65.24, Laura Ashley]

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Quick Pic: Kate Gosselin Knows There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Kate sure is feeling frisky on her vacation without her husband. Although, any reality show star is used to slime buckets, so we’re glad Kate had her hand sanitizer ready. [Bald Head Island, North Carolina, 5/31/09] Keep reading »

Gallery: Tila Tequila And Other Surprise Celebrity Pregnancies

tila tequila 053009 splash g8 jpg
Tila Tequila tweeted some rather shocking news last week. No, she hasn’t finally found someone to settle down with. The big revelation is that Tila is pregnant. She deleted the Twitter post soon after posting it, and although she didn’t divulge the identity of the father, she had this strong warning for him: “You should at least step up to the plate or I’m gonna have to put you on blast in the media…and I’M SURE that’s not what you want do you?”

Tila has recently been linked to both Ray J and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. We’re not only shocked that someone would have unprotected sex with Tila, but that she’d be into this whole motherhood thing. Here are some celebrities who shocked us just as much when they started showing.

Keepin’ It Classy: Can I Bring A Date To A Wedding If The Invite Is Only Addressed To Me?

While we’d like to raise a glass to any happy couple, this week, The Frisky is celebrating weddings. Sometimes the protocol can get a little cloudy, and you don’t want to rain on someone’s special day so we’re going to cut through the cake and give it to you straight. First things first: arm candy. Can you bring a date if they’re not explicitly on the invite?

With this kind of party, the hosts don’t always feel the more, the merrier. Weddings are expensive, and, a lot of times, brides and grooms don’t want to pay for a plus-one you’re going to dump before they come back from their honeymoon. Or they want to keep their affair to a close-knit group of BFFs and family. Or they already invited the exact capacity of the hall where the reception is being held. No matter what the lame excuse, frequently, they’ll send us unmarried ladies and invitation for one. Boo, fo’ sho’. But before you just give up an go stag, here’s what you can do about it! Keep reading »

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