Today’s Lady News: Has The TSA Been Singling Out Black Women With Natural Hair?

Jessica Wakeman / August 17, 2011

There’s been several documented incidents of black women with natural hair who have been stopped by the TSA at airports for pat-downs, in which officers pat their hair. Some of the women had already passed through body scanners as well. Now some are questioning whether a racial bias is behind the TSA singling out… More »

Wanna Move To “Justin Bieber Way”?

Kamilah Black / August 17, 2011

Make an 11-year-old honorary mayor for a day and what do you think she’s gonna do? The town of Forney, Texas—which is near Dallas—ran a contest to get kids more interested in their local government. Caroline Gonzalez won the title of “mayor for a day,” and first on her political agenda was to honor her… More »

Shopping Guide: Long & Lovely Necklaces

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 17, 2011

Long necklaces are a magical part of the jewelry kingdom. They’re great for layering with other necklaces, look striking on their own, and — fun fact! — the long vertical line they create can actually have a slimming effect. Add one to a little black dress, for example, and oh man will you look like… More »

Shopping Guide: Long & Lovely Necklaces

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 17, 2011

Elizabeth Banks And Chelsea Handler Get Mistaken For Each Other Often

On Monday, Chelsea Handler tweeted, “Elizabeth Banks is on tonight’s show, so all my dreams have come true; I can now say I’ve interviewed myself.” Sure they do look a bit alike in that both-have-shoulder-length-blonde-hair-and-angular-faces way, but apparently people confuse them all the time? In last night’s interview, Chelsea divulged that the compariso… More »

Woman Who Performed Home Circumcision On Infant Receives Her Sentence

Ami Angelowicz / August 17, 2011

n case you missed the story last October, 30-year-old Keemonta Peterson was arrested after performing a DIY circumcision on her three-month-old son. Inspired by a passage in the Bible, she decided to perform one herself after watching some YouTube video tutorials. (These exist?) The boy was badly injured, but doctors were able to save hi… More »