More Bang For Your Buck

This slogan is more effective than even the ol’ right hand. Hand sanitizer really is the perfect addition to any masturbation station. But be careful you don’t get this squirt bottle confused with your lube! [CVXN] Keep reading »

Quiz: Name That Celebrity Beard!

beard paul rudd jpg
Beards: you either love them or hate them. I, for one, am squarely in camp B. I don’t think facial hair turns the average guy into a ravage-able lumberjack. I think that, with very few exceptions, a beard looks like a scraggly sea creature that has attached itself to a man’s face like a leech and is clinging on for dear life. Beard hair is wiry and the way it’s flecked with different hair colors freaks me out. Take for example, the guy in this photo. Without the beard, he is insanely adorable. But with it? Eww.

So let’s play a little game. I’ll show you a beard, and you guess which celeb face it belongs to. Find out who this first guy is by clicking on.

Isabelle Caro, French Model With Anorexia, Dies At 28

Isabelle Caro, a French model who literally became the poster girl for anorexia, passed away last month at age 28. Her acting coach confirmed the model died on November 17, although Caro’s specific cause of death is unclear. Isabelle’s skeletal body appeared on Milanese billboards in 2007 under the words “No Anorexia” as a warning to the modeling industry about eating disorders (warning: the image is rather gruesome). She also talked with Jessica Simpson about her illness on the pop star’s reality show, “The Price of Beauty,” last year. Isabelle reportedly struggled with anorexia from age 13 and wanted to educate, even scare others, from falling down the same rabbit hole as she did. Her death is terrible news, but sadly unsurprising given the way anorexia ravaged her body. Rest in peace, Isabelle Caro. [People] Keep reading »

A Charming Way To Make Your Breasts Bigger

“I must, I must, I must increase my bust” is so 1985. And inserting silicone or saline implants in your chesticles is so last decade. At the forefront of breast enhancement technology? The Top Charming Breast Simulator will vibrate and rub the ever-loving s**t out of your tits until they swell with delight. Charming? Charming! Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Cozy & Fabulous Flannel Sheets

shopping guide flannel sheets 123010 g1 jpg
Climbing into a warm bed covered in flannel sheets can be like heaven on earth on a cold, winter night. These nine sets of flannel sheets and bedding will keep you cozy and fabulous through the winter months.

Today In Terribleness: Death By Neck Massage?

Electronic neck massagers are the perfect way to end a long day of holiday shopping and gift wrapping, right? Uh, maybe not. A 37-year-old Florida woman, Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson, was found dead on her bedroom floor on Christmas Eve after her electronic massager wrapped around her necklace and strangled her to death. Authorities are not yet giving information about the make and model of the massager, but we should be expecting a recall any day now. I’m still not sure I understand how exactly that happened, but consider me terrified enough never to use an electronic neck massager ever again just in case it should decide to strangle me while I’m relaxing. Good lord, that’s an awful thought. [Palm Beach Post] Keep reading »

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