Little Girls Debut Music Video Criticizing Lil Wayne’s Sexist Lyrics

Kick ass! A nine-year-old and a 10-year-old who call themselves Watoto From The Nile wrote and performed a hip-hop song about rapper Lil Wayne’s derogatory and sexist lyrics. How much do you love these little girls? Amelia, when you retire in 2031 and replace yourself with the five-year-old girl who won’t marry until she has a job, can these cuties replace me, Kate and Ami? [YouTube via Young, Black & Fabulous] Keep reading »

Pretty Cool Miley Cyrus’ “SNL” Hosting Gig Will Be … Pretty Cool

Miley Cyrus is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week with musical guests The Strokes and her previews hint at one of my favorite sketches ever, “The Miley Cyrus Show!” Hey, at least the girl doesn’t take herself too seriously, right? But really I hope there’s a skit addressing that video where’s she’s smoking saliva divinorum out of a bong and giggling like a fool. That was entertaining as all hell. (Also: drugs are bad, don’t do drugs!) [Celebuzz] Keep reading »

20 Celebrities Who Told The Tabloids, “I’ll See You In Court”

sue katie holmes jpg
I remember picking up an issue of Star in January with this headline splashed across the front: “Addiction Nightmare. Katie DRUG SHOCKER! The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom.” My jaw dropped. I flipped to the story instantly, only to find that I’d been pulled in by a totally deceptive cover. The alleged drug shocker? That Katie Holmes was maybe going to Scientology sessions where an e-meter would be used and, according to some, e-meter readings can release endorphins and make you feel kinda high. Lame! I mean, I expected the story to be about her doing lines of cocaine off Suri‘s toys.

Well, Katie didn’t like this cover, either. In fact, she’s suing American Media for libel to the tune of $50 million. “The average reader [would] understand that plaintiff has become shockingly addicted to drugs … There is no other way to understand [these words],” the lawsuit reads. Her lawyer elaborated, “[The tabloids have] been attacking her and her husband for years now, and she finally said, ‘Enough is enough.’ She wants to stand up for her legal rights. This is such an outrageous statement.” [The Wrap]

Tabloids often craft shocking headlines about celebrities and usually the claims are built on a card house of anonymous sources, questionable experts and conjecture. Most famous folks cope by ignoring them because, if you are famous, it’s harder to win a libel case than for an average joe. People in the public eye have to prove that the publication knew the information was false and that the faux facts damaged the star’s reputation. Plus, winning a libel case doesn’t get you much. Court fees are expensive and it’s just not worth it, most of the time. But that doesn’t mean some stars haven’t tried, or at least threatened to. Check out this proud pantheon of famous people who got so pissed about something that was printed in a tabloid that they ventured into legal territory.


Tina Fey Resorted To Getting Knocked Up To Land Alec Baldwin For “30 Rock”

“The part of Jack Donaghy [on "30 Rock"] was written for Alec Baldwin. Unfortunately, I did not have the courage to introduce myself to him and tell him that at the time, so for several months I met with some of the best actors in New York, and also some that are only okay. And with each meeting I had in an attempt to cast Jack Donaghy, it just became clearer and clearer that this part was for no one except Alec Baldwin. And so I knew what I had to do: I got pregnant and I stalled for a year. And then when I came back from my maternity leave at “SNL,” Alec was hosting the show, and he was having fun with it that week and the sketches were not terrible, thankfully, and so Lorne and I said to each other, ‘Should we ask him? Maybe we should just ask him.’ And so, I hid and Lorne asked him, and here we are five years and almost a hundred dollars later … Our show would not have gotten on the air without you. It would not have remained on the air without you. I shudder to think what low-rent “Two and a Half Men” show we would have without you.

— An excerpt from Tina Fey‘s speech honoring Alec Baldwin at the Museum of the Moving Image. See the rest of the speech here. “30 Rock” is quite possibly the funniest show on television. I am still in mourning about the fact that Alec is leaving. [NY Mag] Keep reading »

A Very Hard Hat

New Power Studio paired this innovative penis hat with menswear at London Fashion Week. I am going to highly encourage men NOT to follow this trend, unless you enjoy being called a d**khead. [The Gloss] Keep reading »

12 Little Things Guys Do That Impress Us Big Time

I was on the subway yesterday, when a guy sitting next to me struck up conversation. He was cute enough and nice enough. I was enjoying our conversation. Across from us, a girl started to cry. Like hysterically weeping. Subway Guy leaned over to me.

“Excuse me,” he said, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

He stood up, fished around in his pocket, and pulled out some napkins. He walked straight over to the crying girl and handed them to her. This perfectly nice stranger became a super hot man in that split second. I was drooling for the rest of our ride together. Too bad he got off the train before I could get his number. But I don’t care, he left a huge impression. After the jump, some more of the little things guys do that impress the crap out of us. Keep reading »

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