All Hail Cher Guevara

All hail the revolutionary guerilla leader of pop vocal performance, Cher Guevara. [Yasrsly] Keep reading »

The Most Notorious Man Whores Of All Time

numbers gene simmons jpg
Last year, Gene Simmons of KISS claimed to have bedded 4,600 women. He swore up and down that he could prove it—he said he had taken photos of each and every one of his conquests that he keeps in a book. He elaborated that many ladies liked to wear face makeup while doing the nasty with him. “Once I had a girl who had a tattoo of my face between her legs,” he said. “I just felt sorry for her boyfriends.” [AZ Central]

This week, Gene appeared on the radio show “Woody & The Wake-Up Call” (coincidence?) and made the claim again—only this time he said that the number is a few under 5,000.
Which means that he either slept with more than 400 women in the past 365 days, or is totally full of it. I’m leaning towards the latter theory. He can talk about his Polaroid collection all he wants, but a photo of a woman hardly proves that they bumped uglies. I’m sure Gene Simmons has had sex with lots of women, but I just don’t believe that 5,000 is possible without the man’s thingy shriveling and falling off. [TMZ]

Here are some other dudes whose numbers we don’t even sort of believe.

2011 Glasses Kind Of Defeat The Point

Those New Year‘s sunglasses had a good run from 2000-2010. But we gotta say: Once you get to 2011, isn’t the point kind of defeated? The look just isn’t quite working for this year. Try again in 2020? [Party City] Keep reading »

6 Outrageous Divorce Settlements

settlements kelsey grammer jpg
After watching Camille Grammer on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it’s hard to root for the woman. Between the complaining about how busy she is when she has four nannies and the weirdly inappropriate flirting with her friend’s husband, she just doesn’t make us sympathetic. So somehow, I’ve found myself rooting for Kelsey as they negotiate their divorce. Supposedly, Kelsey offered her $30 million for their split, but Camille rejected the offer because he wasn’t factoring in child support or alimony. In all fairness, these are things he should provide and Camille is demanding that. But she’s also requesting another $20 million, just because. Which will bring the total cost of Kelsey’s divorce to $50 million, plus monthly payments. With that, Camille should be able to keep at least three of the nannies, right?

After the jump, some more celebs and their ridonkulously expensive divorce settlements.

Candace Cameron Sorta Opens Up About Bulimia

“It’s a very dangerous cycle that can just start to consume your life and really take over. … It wasn’t about me trying to lose weight. It was all about emotions.”

Candace Cameron, aka DJ Tanner of “Full House,” talks very vaguely about her battle with bulimia. Apparently, she adds much more detail in her new book, Reshaping It All. [People] Keep reading »

When Should A Child Give Up The Pacifier?

Salma Hayek-Pinault and her adorable daughter, Valentina, were photographed taking a stroll on a beach in St. Barts. But what I found interesting is that 3-year-old Valentina still sucks on a pacifier. Now, I have never read a parenting book and don’t have any children, but I thought that most parents would try to wean their little one off the pacifier by the age of 3. If Valentina was old enough to understand that her last name was different from her mother’s, isn’t she too old for a pacifier? Shouldn’t parents try to teach their children to calm themselves without the use of a device by that age? So what say you, Frisky parents? When should a child give up the pacifier? Keep reading »

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