Announce Your Pregnancy On Facebook: Site Adds “I’m Expecting” Option

Jessica Wakeman / August 1, 2011

Facebook’s new “I’m expecting” option is the new way to tell all 613 of your closest friends that you are pregnant. In the “Family” section, users now have the option to announce their due date (month, day, and year), as well as the baby’s sex and name.

It’s about time that Facebook did… More »

How To Pamper & Soothe Your Feet During Summer

Annika Harris / August 1, 2011

Money Shot: Paula Deen, Butter Lover

A nice, creamy stick of butter gets Paula Deen in the mood … to get things cooking. A very fine lubricant indeed … for pans. [Out Gayed Myself]… More »

Morning Quickies: Amy Winehouse Was Adopting A Child

Jessica Wakeman / August 1, 2011

Amy Winehouse was in the process of adopting a child from St. Lucia when she died last weekend of possible alcohol withdrawal. Dannika Augustine, a 10-year-old girl, has a mother and grandmother on the Caribbean island, but they were willing to give their daughter up for adoption to the singer so she could have… More »

For The Week Of August 1-7, 2011

Kiki T / August 1, 2011

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Being part of a team means being open to suggestions. This week, keep yourself wide open because ideas from others will be way more practical than yours. If you can humble yourself to give them a try, you’ll see results fairly fast and so to your liking that you… More »

Poll: Could You Ever Fall In Love With Your Best Guy Friend?

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