Lady Gaga Strikes A Pose On The Cover Of Vogue

Holler! Lady Gaga is on the cover of the March issue of Vogue, looking gorgeous in a cotton candy pink wig on a seafoam green background. But while that’s pretty, I am so obsessed with this image from inside the magazine, shot by Mario Testino. Gaga should have this blown up to wall size and hung up in her apartment, stat.

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Oscar Theory #9: Play A Real Person, Win A Statue

T-minus 18 days until the Oscars and, of course, we are all starting to place bets on who we think will walk away with little golden men this year. Luckily, the Academy has proven itself to be pretty darn predictable over the years. If you’re America’s Sweetheart, you’ll probably win Best Actress. If you sings in a flick, you are almost guaranteed Oscar gold. But there’s another trend we’ve been noticing lately: the winners for Best Actress and Best Actor tend to be the person who’s taken on the based-on-a-true-story role. In fact, 10 of the 20 top honors given in the 2000s went to actors who portrayed real people. Let’s take a look, shall we? Keep reading »

In Defense Of Slumber Parties

Going to slumber parties used to be a fun thing, well, unless you were the girl who got her undies put in the fridge, or the first to fall asleep, or the one who cried because they were doing drugs in “Footloose” (that was me). I guess slumber parties were not always that fun — groups of girls can be a**holes — but they weren’t exactly damaging either. There’s a piece in The New York Times this week about the “emotional bloodshed” slumber parties can cause kids. Separation anxiety, bullying, and attention deficit disorder are cited as reasons to be wary of sending your child to a sleepover. Keep reading »

Style By Jury: Lindsay Lohan Goes Short & White For Court

What Do You Think Of Lindsay Lohan's Short, Tight & White Court Outfit?

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12 Starlets Married And Divorced By 26

divorced by 25 g1 jpg
And they said it wouldn’t last … and it didn’t. Yesterday, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce from her husband Pete Wentz, of the band Fall Out Boy. She’s requesting joint custody of their young son, Bronx Mowgli. Ashlee was just 23 when they got married in May 2008; they announced she was pregnant shortly thereafter. Though they had been dating off and on for a couple of years, it was clearly a shotgun wedding and some have wondered if they should have waited a bit before rushing into marriage. Still, they seemed pretty happy to us, but given the rather sudden divorce filing — rather than just an initial separation — we’ve got to wonder if something major caused Ashlee, now 26, to call the whole thing off.

Not to kick Ash while she’s down, but it’s gotta be a bummer joining the Young Divorcees Club. Luckily she’s in good company! Here are 11 other stars who got married young and found themselves in divorce court before their 27th birthday.

Quickies: No Facebook For The Obama Girls & Another Crazy Taylor Momsen Get-up

  • First Lady Michelle Obama says Sasha and Malia Obama are not on Facebook and apparently this has caused a controversy. Yeah, if they were on Facebook, they wouldn’t call people gay slurs like the Palin children. [Mediaite]
  • They got married, like, a hot second ago, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand are reportedly asking around for a marriage counselor already. Sheesh. [PopEater]
  • How much is Anne Hathaway paying Rachel Zoe to style her for the Oscars? A lot. In other news, can I borrow a few bucks so I can pay my student loans this month? [Jezebel]

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