Thankfully, Chris Brown is Doing Everything in His Power To Ensure That He Never Gets Laid Again

By: Julie Gerstein / June 3, 2011

Noted window smasher and Rihanna beater Chris Brown just keeps making it easy to hate him. And he’s also helpfully adorning his body with new and horrifying signs of his own d-baggery. Witness this classy smiley-face-on-crack tattoo Mr. Brown just got tattooed on his back. Yeah, not cool, guy, but at least you’ve offered u… More »

Quickies: Pink Gives Birth To Daughter Willow & Gisele’s Becoming A Billionaire

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 3, 2011

Pink gave birth to daughter Willow Sage Hart yesterday — mazel tov! This lovely pic is a photo of her pregnant belly she tweeted months ago. [People]
Michael Lohan met The Situation’s father. So much bad parenting in one room! [The Superficial]
French Elle put a paparazzi pic of First Lady Carla Bruni on the… More »

Today’s Lady News: 14-Year-Old Girl Can Spell “Cymothichous” (And You Can’t)

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 3, 2011

Sukanya Roy, 14, won the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night. Sukanya is the 46th female to win and the fourth consecutive Indian-American. Sukanya’s winning word was “cymothichous,” which is Greek for “wavy-haired.” Congratulations! [The Mary Sue]
Melinda Hernandez, 30, was a juror in the controversial trial that acquitted NYPD’s “rape cops” last week. A… More »

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: ’85 Pride

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / June 3, 2011

Whether you were born in ’85, graduated in ’85, or just have a penchant for the numbers 8 and 5, this cheery vintage mug is an excellent choice for coffee sippin’ and reminiscin’. [$3, Etsy]… More »

13 Maternity Looks That Aren’t Maternity Clothes

By: Annika Harris / June 3, 2011

Transsexual Model Lea T. Walks In Swimwear Show

By: Julie Gerstein / June 3, 2011

Lea T. isn’t beachwear shy. The transsexual model rocked it on the runway in a teeny tiny bikini for Rio designer Blue Man. Work it, girl! [Huffington Post]… More »