DIY: Haute Couture Hair Ribbons

If you’re like us, you’re no closer to owning a piece of haute couture than you are, say, walking on the moon. But while hand-sewn $50,000 jackets may be a bit out of grasp, certain couture details are actually well within range. One of our favorites is the hair ribbon hair style we spied at French couturier Alexis Mabille’s recent Paris show. Rather than going same-old with a standard bow, Mabille tied long, almost ankle-length ribbons into the models’ hair and let them hang free. (You can sort of see it here, the end peaking out from behind her calf).

Given that getting around town could be, well, a tad hazardous with five feet of ribbon trailing behind you, we’ve modified the look a bit and made it incredibly easy to do. We break it down, after the jump. Keep reading »

Harry Potter Craft Time! Cross-Stitch Daniel Radcliffe’s Face

Craft project for the truly “Harry Potter” obsessed: cross-stitch a pattern of Daniel Radcliffe‘s face! CrossStitcher magazine drew up the creepy pattern, presumably for all those randy crafters who figure stitching Harry’s face on a pillow is the only way they’ll get him in bed. [Guardian] Keep reading »

Can My Hook-Up Become My Boyfriend?

Can a hook-up turn into boyfriend material?

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  • 70-Year-Old Grandmother Has The World’s Smallest Waist

    Cathie Jung’s obsession with everything Victorian led her to reduce her 26-inch waist to 15 inches, the circumference of a DVD, in the hopes of achieving the perfect hourglass figure. “I was the sort of teenager in ’50s when small waists were in vogue, and when I got into my 40s, the kids were gone. I realized I was going the way of all women my age and starting to look a little dumpy and frumpy,” Jung said to ABC News “20/20.” So she began to wear corsets day and night with the help of her husband, who is also fascinated by the Victorian era. She only removes the corsets to shower. Jung now holds the Guinness World Record for tiniest waist, a feat that some would say is unhealthy. However, her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, says it’s all right to wear corsets as much as his wife does as long as there aren’t breathing problems. Also, he says the corsets prevent her from eating a lot, much like stomach stapling would. [ABC News]

    Corsets are way too restrictive to us, so we’ll just be fascinated with Jung instead. You can learn more about her, and others who’ve gone to extreme lengths to alter their body, on tonight’s episode of “Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel at 10 pm. Keep reading »

    Sequins Finally See The Light Of Day!

    Maybe I’m easily distracted, but I’m just naturally drawn to sparkle. All a shirt needs is to be bedazzled in sequins, twinkling at me from its hanger, and I’m instantly a sucker! So you can imagine my delight when I started noticing that the flashy sewn-on embellishments, once reserved for dressy nights out on the town and mermaid costumes, are becoming increasingly wearable for all hours of the day, showing up on summery dresses, floaty tunics, and even casual cropped vests. I guess someone finally came to their senses and realized that daytime is the time to get the most sparkle from their shiny sun-reflective surfaces! Continue reading Keep reading »

    The Inspiration Board: East Coast Prep

    If you aspire to attend an Ivy League school, summer in the Hamptons and wouldn’t mind being compared to Blair Waldorf (no, not for one second!), you, my friend, are all about the East Coast prep look. The yacht-hot style has been around for decades, but “Gossip Girl” and the new, utterly repugnant reality show “NYC Prep” are bringing it to the mainstream with a vengeance. Good news is, you don’t have to live on the Upper East Side to look like you do. Keep reading »

    Gallery: Celebrity Dream Roles

    johnny depp 71609 splash g1 jpg
    If Johnny Depp could play any character ever, who do you think he’d pick? Someone historical significant, like Napolean? Someone diabolical, like the Unibomber? An ego-bot, like Donald Trump? Or someone crazy cool, like James Dean? Turns out the answer is none of the above. Johnny Depp says that his dream role would be to play Carol Channing.

    “My dream role would be to play musical legend Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. I love her, I really do. She’s amazing. With all the digital technology available these days I could probably pull it off.” []

    While Johnny has yet to be offered the role of the 88-year-old singer/actress, I have an odd feeling he’d probably be pretty good at it. But Johnny’s not the only one with a dream…role. Other celebs have surprised fans with their fantasy picks. Some have even had their dreams come true.

    When “I’m Dating Someone” Is A Lie

    I got an email asking a very simple question:

    “If a guy says he’s seeing someone, why is he adding pictures to his dating profile?”

    Well, it’s not a simple question. It’s just one that requires you to think a bit like Dr. House. Everyone lies.

    If you sent a guy an email via your online dating site and he replied, “No thanks, I’m seeing someone” and then started adding new photos to his profile a few days later, one of two things is happening…Continue reading Keep reading »

    Ivanka Converts To Judaism For Her Fiance, Plus Other Famous Converts.

    Drew A Jew? 8 Celebs Who Converted For Love

    L’chaim! Another one joins the tribe! Drew Barrymore is reportedly converting to Judaism before she marries fiance Will Kopelman, because being a shiksa won’t fly. It’s time to start brushing up on the Torah and boot up that old episode of “Sex and the City” where Charlotte converts for Harry Goldblatt. [New York Observer]

    Drew Barrymore isn’t the only blushing bride making the move to matzo. Many celebrities have made the spiritual switch for love.

    Beyonce Sweats Over Paparazzi Photos

    Beyonce may be bootylicious but don’t expect to see any more pictures of her shaking her derriere in her Dereon’s while she’s on tour…at least not from the back. According to the New York Daily News the singer has ordered photographers not to snap pictures of her backside during her I Am…Sasha Fierce world tour because she sweats too much! Continue reading Keep reading »

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