Listen Here First! Whitney Houston’s New Single Leaked

Whitney Houston was lookin’ good as she revealed her plans for a new record, I Look To You, in London, yesterday. Yay! The album isn’t out until September 1st here in the States, but already, the diva’s new jam leaked onto the internet. It’s called “Kiss My Ass, Bobby!” Kidding. Whitney’s voice is still skilled, albeit the bad kind of breathless. But she’s livin’ large and in charge with a “Stella Got Her Groove Back” kinda anthem called, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.” But after Brown and some other bad habits, how does she sound? Well, as she would put it, “It’s not right, but it’s OK.” [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Wedding Disasters Of Varying Degrees

Today’s lesson in doing things the old fashioned way comes from Tuscany, where a couple getting married in a park hired a small aircraft to fly over and toss the bouquet to a hopeful line of women. As you can imagine, it was an epic failure. A passenger on the craft—not the bride—threw the bouquet, and instead of it floating down to the wedding guests, it got caught in the plane’s rotor, which caused an engine fire and explosion. This not only horrified the wedding guests, but the craft continued to do harm by crashing into the woods next to a hostel hosting 50 children. But for all their stupidity, the couple can give thanks—both the pilot and passenger escaped unharmed. After the jump, a couple of videos to show that these wedding mishaps never fail to shock or amuse. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

The Vatican Gives “Harry Potter” Two Thumbs Up

Ebert and Roeper can shove over, because the newest film reviewer, the Vatican, is now voicing their opinion on the latest flicks. Via their official newsletter, L’Osservatore, the Vatican has given “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” two thumbs up. The holy Romans really loved how the adapted film showed that good deserves to triumph over evil and how it portrayed the “correct balance” of adolescent love. So if you were teetering on whether to head to theaters this weekend, now you know that the Catholic Church has totally got your back. [Mirror] Keep reading »

Your Cat Is Manipulating You!

Cats have learned how to control us humans with their weird little sounds. Felines use a purr-cry, a high-pitched meow and purr combo, to make their owners feed them. Cats are artfully straddling the line between meowing—which is annoying—and purring, which we usually think means they are satisfied. The purr-cry is difficult to ignore and appeals to humans’ nurturing and sensitive nature. Worse still, once cats realize this werido noise works, they learn to exaggerate it. Be strong, cat owners! Don’t let these furry, little critters push you around. But now it makes so much sense why it’s so easy to become a cat lady. [Yahoo] Keep reading »

Babysitter Arrested For Private “Playtime”

Little boy fantasizes about his hot babysitter. That’s how the story usually goes—NOT the other way around. But it seems that 28-year-old Summer Nelson got confused. She had sex with the 14-year-old boy she was hired to watch…by her friend…his MOTHER. Summer started watching the teenager and his 12 and 9-year-old siblings in August 2007 and kept up the “babysitting” charade until her antics were reported to police by a third party last December. Umm, I’m sure the siblings finally caught on to “playtime” whenever Summer came to babysit. And that’s not the worst part—this girl must have taken a trip to crazy town when she asked the boy’s mother for her blessing and told the boy’s siblings they were in love. If convicted of all four counts of lewd conduct with a minor, Summer will experience some extreme babysitting—life in prison. Just don’t let her near Juvie! [CNN] Keep reading »

Are Animal Ears The New Feathers?

When Madonna arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala wearing a pair of wonky bunny ears and thigh-high stripper boots, we had to laugh. But when the look showed up in her latest Louis Vuitton ad campaign, they didn’t look so horrible. In fact, they looked kind of classy, yet playful. Keep reading »

Bike Helmets That Don’t Make Us Want To Vomit

yakkay helmet 071509 t png


Gallery: Celebs We Like Better When They’re Single

Gallery: Celebs We Like Better When They’re Single

How To Nurse A Sick Man Back To Health

My honey bunny threw out his back this weekend moving heavy boxes into our new apartment and literally couldn’t move unassisted for 48 hours. Despite my lack of qualifications for the job, I became the de facto meal-maker, bath-giver, walker-to-the-bathroom, and all around nursemaid.

Luckily for us both, I passed the Not Nurse Ratched test with flying colors. He’s back on his feet, albeit in a shuffle-y, wobble-y kind of way.

I’ve heard that saying that if a couple really wants test its compatibility, they should go on a week long vacation to a foreign country together. But actually, I think one partner nursing the other back to health is a better indication! Surprise, surprise, you don’t need a nurse’s uniform (though he’d probably like that) to take care of a sick dude. But you do need love, patience…and a bulls**t detector. Keep reading »

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