Gallery: Celebrities Who’ve Found Jesus

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Stephen Baldwin is super serious about his born-againdom. At his turning point he said, “I lived an amazing life. I had experiences that go beyond most people’s wildest dreams, and I can honestly look you in the eye and say the experience I am now having with Jesus Christ blows away everything I did before.” He wrote a book about his experience called The Unusual Suspects: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith and started a “hardcore” Xtreme sports and rock ministry called The Breakthrough Ministry. This is why everyone likes Alec the best. [CBSNews]

Lakers Games: The New Casual Fashion Show

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“Transformers” Stars Megan Fox And Shia LaBeouf Say The Darnedest Things

Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf seem to like each other an awful lot. “He probably is my favorite person in the entire world,” Megan told People. And Shia replied, “We’re attracted to each other, and I think you can see that in our scenes together. It’s very real and tangible.” Holy smokes! Add in the fact that Megan’s car was apparently spotted at Shia’s house early in the morning last week, and lots of people are saying these two are a couple. [People] We wonder what Megan’s boyfriend, 90210er Brian Austin Green thinks about this “very real” chemistry?

Yeah, we aren’t buying it. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” opens on June 24th and this has publicity stunt written all over it. With all the ridiculous things that come out of Shia and Megan’s mouths, we’re beginning to think that oversharing in general is the “Transformers” marketing strategy. After the jump, the most looney tunes quotes from both these stars.
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Seven Ways To Make Your Boss Love You

In this economic climate, everyone wants to avoid getting laid off. The number one way to do this is to have a strong relationship with your immediate manager. Here are some strategies that have worked well for me over the years. Keep reading »

Tony Preview: The Hottest Guys On Broadway

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So, I am totally a Broadway girl—I love the spectacle, the fun, and the drama. Best thing about this Broadway season? The dudes. I had to wipe the drool off my chin after seeing “American Idol” alum, Constantine Maroulis, as aspiring 1980s rocker Drew in “Rock of Ages.” I’ll be looking out for him this Sunday, June 7, as the Broadway community gathers at Radio City Music Hall for the annual Tony Award ceremony. You can watch all the festivities on CBS at 8pm (EST). Fingers crossed that my crush Constantine will snag the Tony for Best Leading Actor in a Musical.

Check out some other hot reasons to watch the Tonys.

Beauty Tips For Stealing The Bride’s Show

You can’t wear a white dress to a wedding. It’s just not a subtle enough method for stealing the show. Turn up at the ceremony wearing a floor-length cream silk number, and suddenly everyone’s muttering insults about how you’re the “Inappropriate One.” Instead, walk in looking a level of gorgeous that diverts attention without being completely trashy. Kate Bosworth’s Met Ball hair and makeup (and dress) absolutely slaughtered the competition, and we show you how to steal her look after the jump. Keep reading »

Beauty Tips For City Hall Weddings

If your friend’s getting married at City Hall, she’s probably a no-nonsense girl. She wants to get the job done and she wants it done now. This doesn’t mean you can put in zero effort just ’cause it’s not a big ceremony and the selection of groomsmen is tiny. We love Cynthia Nixon’s look for its sophisticated prettiness and tell you how to get it after the jump! Keep reading »

An Ode To Celebrity Little Sisters

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Jamie. Lynn. Spears. Just because your big sister Brit got pregnant twice doesn’t mean that you have to, too. Also, there’s no need to shave your head or have a nervous breakdown. Britney’s been there and done that.

Gallery: The Hottest Guys Of Fashion

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“Bad-Ass Of The Week” Website Picks Actual Bad-Asses

I was slightly confused when my boyfriend started going on about the bad-ass of the week. I nodded dumbly figuring he was just speaking in boy-talk. But oh no, the continued references to the bad-ass continued so I finally decided to translate his statements into normal human speech. It turns out that he was actually making sense and that I just couldn’t fully comprehend the true awesomeness of the Bad Ass Of The Week website. Keep reading »

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