Behold! Missoni’s Target Line Is Here!

Julie Gerstein / August 4, 2011

Well, almost: Designer Missoni’s diffusion line for Target is just around the bend, and the first shots of the collection have begun eeking out. Here we have pieces from both the apparel and travel collections on display in Missoni’s signature colorful patterns. The collection will include around 400 items, including men’s and women’s clothing, accessories,… More »

Shopping Guide: 14 Shiny, Happy Metallic Shoes

Annika Harris / August 4, 2011

Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List Revealed

Julie Gerstein / August 4, 2011

Ali Fedotowsky Explains Why She And Roberto Postponed Their Wedding

“We had a date set, and that date has now passed. The decision to postpone [the wedding] was very difficult. I definitely shed some tears. But I want to walk down the aisle—I don’t want to limp down the aisle. In my mind, Roberto is my husband. We live together; we do everything together; we… More »

First Look: The New Season Of “America’s Next Top Model” Is In With The Old

Julie Gerstein / August 4, 2011

San Francisco Smacks “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” For Misleading Women About Abortion

Jessica Wakeman / August 4, 2011

First Resort, a so-called “crisis pregnancy center” in San Francisco, has until the end of the month to change its advertisements misleading women about abortion-related services — or else. “Crisis pregnancy centers” often look like women’s health clinics and advertise about pregnancy counseling and services; they claim to help women pay for prenatal care and… More »